Student Support

The living environment at the Université Catholique de Lille is unique and offers opportunities for the exchanges and interaction that are also unique to your student life. It is a life experience in its own right.



The well-being and safety of students on our campuses is a priority shared by all. In order to preserve this quality of life, we mobilize specific resources to combat violence, harassment and discrimination through a dedicated unit.

This unit offers a listening service and personalized support. It is present in each entity with the possibility of individual meetings, or can be contacted via an anonymous or non-anonymous platform where witnesses or victims can express themselves in complete confidentiality.

We remain at your entire disposal,

In solidarity,

- The teams of the VHD unit

To get in touch with the VHD unit: 

Tel. : +33 (0)3 20 13 40 00




With student well-being being a priority, the Université Catholique de Lille partenered with Nightline to offer students a welcoming space for them to talk freely and anonymously.
If you are feeling alone or isolated and feel the need to talk to another student, volunteers are here to answer your calls and messages.

English speaking number available:

Tel. : +33 (0)3 74 21 11 12

Learn more about Nightline Lille here


All Solidarité

"All, tous les services de la vie étudiante" offers personnalized support to students in need. The service is operated by social workers. They can respond to issues of access to rights, social, personal, family, school, financial difficulties that students can encounter during the university year.

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