Civilisation Britannique : l'Histoire sociale et politique britannique 1945 - 1990

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Suzanne Bray



Ce cours permet d’obtenir une bonne connaissance de l’histoire du Royaume Uni de 1945 à 1990. Les étudiants apprendront à rediger une dissertation historique et un dossier de recherche sur un sujet historique ou politique.


Course program :

Domestic Politics and Social Issues in Great Britain 1945 – 1991

  • Preparing for peace / Reconstruction

    - Nationalisation / Centralisation

    - The beginnings of the Welfare State

    - Re-etablishment of political identities (end of coalition, persistence of two-party system, decline of liberals / establishment and death of SDP)

    • Economic questions

      - J.M. Keynes & Co

      - Sterling party / deflation / devaluation

      - From rationing to the affluent society and back to austerity

      - The growth of an underclass

      • Industrial relations

        - The role of the TUC and its relationship with the Labour Party

        - Cooperation to conflict to decline of the unions

        - Questions of unemployment

        - Trade Unions

        • The Arts

          - The beginnings of a government cultural policy

          - The swinging sixties and birth of pop music

          - Creation of teen culture

          - Culture & the regions / minorities

          • The decline of established religion and liberalisation of public morals

            - Britain as a pluralistic society

            - The “Honest to God” debate / rise of evangelicalism

            - The media / scandal / the invasion of privacy

            - Homosexuality / abortion / censorship, etc.





            || BIBLIOGRAPHY :|| D. THOMSON – <i>England in the Twentieth Century</i> – Penguin|| K.O. MORGAN – <i>The People’s Peace</i> – Oxford University Press|| A. CAIRNCROSS – <i>The British Economy since 1945</i> – Oxford University Press|| M. SMITH – <i>British Foreign Policy: Tradition, Change &amp; Transformation</i>