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Services numériques

The Université Catholique de Lille offers students a wide range of digital services to facilitate their studies and enrich their academic lives.


The University attaches importance to providing you with a secure and high-performance digital environment so that you may concentrate on what matters the most: your academic success. Do not hesitate to explore these services and take full advantage of all the resources at your disposal.  

The students’ applications contains a vast amount of useful daily information for students and are accessible via a smartphone or tablet. The information remains comprehensive, even though it might vary from one institution to another. The students’ applications gives access to class schedules, grades, the intranet of your institution, student services, the agenda, as well as the campus and building maps.

Here is an example of a student’s application: YOCHI: Discover l’app in video

The documentary portal provides access to online resources, diverse services offered by the library, and the catalog.


Designed for students, these portals or intranets regroup all the information necessary for their daily academic life. Depending on the institutions, they may be used to consult class materials, academic timetables, the establishment’s regulations, partnerships with international universities, and support solutions.   

Many of our institutions have an online platform that connects students and companies. This platform allows companies to showcase themselves and their jobs and offer internships, apprenticeships, or job offers. In the career space, students may consult the résumé database.

An email address is created for every student upon their arrival at our establishment. All communication is done via this email for the entirety of the student’s academic life at the Université Catholique de Lille.