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Clarife, the Language and Intercultural Center at Université Catholique de Lille, welcomes students, employees, and private individuals. Specializing in language learning, CLARIFE offers French as a foreign language courses, evening classes in 15 languages, as well as intensive English exam preparation. Additionally, CLARIFE provides intercultural communication workshops in English, French, and Spanish.


CLARIFE courses are open to everyone, including regional students seeking additional language or intercultural skills, and professionals looking to enhance their abilities.


CLARIFE collaborates with foreign universities, regional associations, and companies to provide tailored language and intercultural programs. We offer in-house or on-campus training.

French as foreign language (FLE)

CLARIFE specializes in teaching French as a Foreign Language, helping students integrate into university life, adapt to French culture, and improve their language skills. They offer intensive and non-intensive courses, issuing a certificate upon completion. Students can also certify their French level with the BRIGHT test or Voltaire Certification.

Intercultural communication

In today’s globalized world, effective cross-cultural communication is essential. CLARIFE offers English and French courses as well as workshops to enhance intercultural communication skills. Intercultural communication helps understand the impact of culture on values, beliefs, and actions, improving interactions with people from diverse backgrounds.

Other foreign languages

CLARIFE offers 33-hour evening classes, from beginner to advanced levels, in several languages : Arabic, BCMS (Bosnian – Croatian – Montenegrin – Serbian), Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Korean, Sign Language, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.


CLARIFE is an approved Cambridge Assessment English Exams Centre, enabling students to validate their English level according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFL), recognized by many institutions in France and abroad. CLARIFE also offers the Linguaskill Test for official CEFL certification in English. Additionally, several other languages, including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, and Russian, can be assessed with the Bright test.

Teaching staff

Our multicultural teaching staff, mostly native speakers with university degrees, have extensive experience with diverse student backgrounds and use innovative teaching practices. Students and teachers have access to numerous resources as well as services on campus.