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The Université Catholique de Lille was founded almost 150 years ago. This longevity is the result of a balance between what unites our institutions and what makes them unique, in the three university missions they carry out: education, research and service to society.


The research activity of our establishments has grown significantly over the last fifteen years, with a number of major advances: the creation of laboratories, the winning of large-scale calls for projects and an increase in the number of scientific publications at the highest level.


Research is conducted with the aim of producing and disseminating first-rate knowledge that is valued and visible at both national and international level. Research works in synergy with two other university missions: education and service to society.

In terms of training, the aim is to enable students to benefit from the fruits of scientific discoveries, and conversely to enrich research with the varied contributions they can make, particularly at doctoral level.


In terms of service to society, the aim is to bring research-based expertise to civil society, businesses, local authorities, care organisations and institutions, and to strengthen research by carrying out these activities.

Open Lab 23

Analysing and understanding to train and act at the heart of contemporary transitions

This ambition cuts across four strategic themes:

  • Vulnerabilities,
  • Ethics and integral ecology,
  • Risks and geopolitics,
  • Contemporary preservation and transformation, particularly in digital form.

Research in figures

850 teacher-researchers, university hospital researchers

220 doctoral students

12 research units and institutes (including 2 with CNRS)

15 research chairs set up

17 platforms and resources for research

1 Clinical Research and Innovation Delegation

1 statutory Research Committee (CR-UCL)

1 annual “Thesis Prize” awarded to 3 winners

Promoting the community

Each quarter, find out more about the work and profiles of researchers in OPEN LAB – le mag, the research magazine of the institutions of the Université Catholique de Lille.


OPEN LAB – Research Day is an annual event that brings together all the work and projects carried out by the University’s researchers around a central theme and interactive scientific trails.