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A space of communication and reflection, the chaplaincy welcomes the Université Catholique de Lille  students, teachers, and staff throughout the year. Believers or not, you are all welcome! Occasionally or regularly, it may be to prepare a sacrament (baptism, first communion, confirmation), speak individually with the chaplains, benefit from spiritual guidance, and more.

Chaplaincy events

Evenings of worship, confessions, candlelight mass…


A place to exchange ideas and discuss. The chaplaincy is open and welcomes students every day at noon. Students receive a communal meal every Thursday at noon.


Outreach programs, visits to patients in hospitals or nursing homes, engagement….


On Wednesday evenings, conferences are held with outside speakers, and catechesis given by the chaplains alternately.  


Sharing of faith and action « missionary fraternity » on campus.

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Chaplaincy–67 Bd Vauban–59800 Lille
Tel.: + (33) 59 90 25 97
Father Charles-Marie RIGAIL: + (33) 6 63 81 80 86


Chaplaincy branches :

EDHEC: Chaplaincy

Melkisedhec https://www.facebook.com/Melkisedhec
ICAM: Chaplaincy BDSpi https://www.facebook.com/bdspi.icam

Places of worship in Lille :

Our Lady of Consolation Parish, Vauban neighborhood–12, rue du Sabot–Lille

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish, Vauban neighborhood–57 rue Solférino–Lille
Saint Augustine Parish, Wazemmes neighborhood–23 rue du Marché–Lille
Our Lady of Treille Cathedral–Place Gilleson–Lille – + (33) 3 20 31 59 12–cathedraledelatreille@gmail.com
Reformed Church of France–15 rue Jeanne d’Arc–Lille – + (33) 3 20 54 77 28
Grand Mosque Al Imaan–59 Rue de Marquillies–Lille – + (33) 3 20 53 02 65
Anglican Church (English-speaking): 4 rue Watteau–Lille –chaplain@christchurchlille.com
Synagogue: Israeli Cultural Association–5 rue Auguste Angellier–Lille – + (33) 3 20 51 12 52