About student life

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At the Université Catholique de Lille, student life and community life are central to the university experience. Our campuses are much more than places of academic learning; they are dynamic, inclusive spaces where students can thrive, connect and grow together.


At the heart of our University, community life is a fundamental pillar, enriching the daily lives of our students. With a multitude of associations covering a wide range of interests, whether it’s sports, culture, entrepreneurship or social causes, every student has the opportunity to get involved and contribute to the university community.


Our student associations are meeting and sharing places, where valuable skills are developed. By actively participating in community life, our students acquire practical experience and essential know-how, preparing them to succeed both in their private and professional lives.


Moreover, our endeavor is to create a supportive and inclusive environment, where each and everyone feels valued and encouraged to express their ideas and pursue their passions.


Learn more about how our University provides much more than academic education. The student and community life we offer will allow you to live a university experience rich in discovery, learning and unforgettable encounters.

“Our University, an opportunity at the heart of transitions.”

This is the purpose in which the Université Catholique de Lille roots its research, education and service to society. Of course, this is reflected in the research and training courses offered by our establishments, but also in the “life experiences” that are offered beyond this framework. In this context, the practice of sports and diversified cultural and artistic activities help to develop various human aspects. The chaplaincy offers a strong spiritual journey, as well as a civic commitment in the name of the Gospel. The many student associations offer meaningful collective experiences of creativity and effective solidarity. This collective life is also experienced in several university residences. Coupled with the school’s programs, these proposals favor “integral human development”, enabling each student to carry out their professional project and, on a wider scale, their “life project”. So that everyone becomes more involved in their future, in a spirit of freedom, openness to the world and solidarity.


Thierry Magnin

President-Rector Delegate for Humanities and Student Life, Université Catholique de Lille