Financial aid & scholarships

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For your studies in France, whether you’re staying for a long or a short time, you’re entitled to financial aid. The different types of aid listed below will help you to find out what you can benefit from.


Grants delivered by French or European programs 


French public institutes and the Erasmus+ program offer a large number of scholarships for foreign students to help them finance their studies in France and Europe. Grants provided by the French Government are distributed by the French cultural services abroad (embassies, consulates and the French Alliance).

Find all the information on the various scholarship options on Campus France website.

Grants delivered by the government of your home country 


We advise that you get in touch with the Department of Education in your home country or with your home university to know more about the available options for scholarship. The amount of financial aid granted is variable and it is perhaps not enough for all your expenditure. That is why it is better to be sure before coming to France that you can live there without any financial difficulties.


Université Catholique de Lille does not deliver scholarships.

Financial aid for housing

For a stay longer than 3 months in the same accommodation, it is possible to get a rent rebate called ALS (Allocation Logement Social). ALS is an allowance paid by the “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales” (CAF). Its aim is to help students pay for their accommodation.

Students have to make a request online on the CAF website (in French). The allowance is given directly to the student and the university is not responsible for any part of the process. The amount is paid from the second month and can vary from 30€ for a shared flat to 174€ for a studio.

If you stay in our university dorms, please contact our Housing Office (All).