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Nearly 1,000 student associations

The university students have a wide range of associations in which they may get involved and thrive, or they may go to their institution’s Bureau des étudiants or BDE (Student Office), where they may share collective experiences of creativity and solidarity.

The Student Life and the FÉDÉ of the Université Catholique de Lille undertake to bring the campus to life for and with the students. There are hundreds of events that are organized throughout the academic year.



The Fédé is the Student Federation of the Université Catholique de Lille that represents the entire student body. It brings together the different BCEs (student offices) of various institutions and associations of the University around common federative and humanitarian values and projects. In addition, it represents members before the University administration, the All, the town hall, le CROUS, la FAGE…


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Student aid associations

Agoraé, student solidarity store

Agoraé provides low-priced food, hygiene, and stationery products to students in need and has a “Too Good To Go” section (conditions apply). Agoraé is open to all students; it is a space of relaxation and enjoyment that provides a listening and guidance service, cultural events, and activities (such as cooking workshops, dance, budget management, prevention, and more).
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Campus Market

Campus Market is an association that collects and resells the furniture of the students leaving Lille.
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Support for student initiatives

The Commitment Award

This competition aims to reward the student associations of the various higher education institutions of the Université Catholique de Lille that commit to a solidarity, civic, or ecological project or of any other domain that may have a positive impact on society (project for the academic year 23-24, completed or in progress).

The commitment award, supported by the Catho Foundation, offers 10,000 euros as a reward. 


For more information, contact Mrs. Isabelle Delobelle, Project/Student Life Development Manager: 

Tel: + (33) 3 20 13 40 3

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A daily personalized follow-up

All - student life services

Located in the heart of the Université Catholique de Lille Campus, the All assists students by providing support throughout their academic lives via five hubs dedicated to the student community: la restauration (food service), le logement (accommodation), la santé (health), la solidarité (solidarity), and le sport (sports).


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Nightline Lille

The Nightline is a nocturnal listening service provided for and by the students of Lille. This night service can be reached via telephone or an online chat.


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Nightline Lille

Student Services:
+ (33) 3 20 13 40 31
60 boulevard Vauban – 59040 Lille Cedex