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The Fondation de la Catho is a public interest patronage foundation helping the University and its students.


Since its creation, it has played an essential role in the development and the cultural reach of the University. The Fondation funds innovative projects, promotes cutting-edge research and improves infrastructure. It actively contributes to academic excellence and to social engagement, cornerstones of our community.


By supporting students, the Fondation helps foster integral education, a key mission of the Université Catholique de Lille. It values diversity and assists students on the path to success.

4 Main challenges

The Fondation de la Catho de Lille funds four major challenges with its partners. These challenges consist of nearly 30 broad projects covering environmental, social, ethical and economic aspects in response to the major challenges and changes of our time.


With a strong focus on research and experimentation, the Université Catholique de Lille has access to a wide range of expertise and experimentation fields to develop and disseminate solutions for these transitions. The Fondation de la Catho de Lille plays an essential role in linking these experiential and action research ecosystems with the business world.


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The 4 challenges of the Fondation

The University addresses the issues of the vulnerability and the well-being of tomorrow’s women and men. It also offers our students a life experience, helping them become entrepreneurs with a spirit of engagement and commitment.

The University is characterized by multidisciplinary reflections on ethical issues to support discernment and critical thinking in students. The aim is also to have an “ethical” and practical reflection in all the institutions of the Université Catholique de Lille about the questions asked in our society.

The University campus is a model for ecological, energy, economic and societal transition. It is an experiential field for students, researchers, associates, inhabitants and businesses.


The Université Catholique de Lille is an essential actor in the health and medical-social sectors in its region, both through the presence of its university group of hospitals, nursing homes and DITEPs, as well as the training centers on its campuses (Faculty of Medicine, Maieutics, Health Sciences, Paramedic and Social Training, etc.). This proximity between students and health institutions is unique in France.

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Supporting our students

By supporting students, the Université Catholique de Lille puts into practice its commitment to integral education, a fundamental pillar of its educational project.


This approach aims to foster diversity and to guide students in its exploration.


The objective is to offer a rich and varied student life experience. With an extensive range of activities and study subjects, with particular attention to the most vulnerable of students, the University seeks to foster personal development in each and every student. In this context, scholarships play a crucial role by allowing many students to participate in this fundamental step in their development.