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The Université Catholique de Lille attaches great importance to the development and accessibility of art and culture within its various institutions.

Cultural program

“Place of education, research, and service to society, the Université Catholique de Lille  also seeks to be a place of fulfillment, discovery, and meeting of diverse people. 


In 2024, the Creative Campus will organize new cultural conferences weekly, and we hope they will be rich in discovery for you. 


Open to a large audience (students, staff, and residents of Lille), the conferences are open to all who seek to learn, be enriched by others, and gain the knowledge necessary for a better understanding of topical issues. Some conferences are part of a thematic thread, “Motifs et Couleurs” (Patterns and Motives), that runs through the cultural season, while others will make you travel to faraway lands.


In a spirit of friendliness and reciprocal exchange with speakers, the conferences are primarily organized in available rooms on campus. However, for individuals who cannot attend, the conferences may be accessed remotely.

Other cultural activities are scheduled over the upcoming weeks, such as the new “RencArts du midi” (lunchtime arts encounter), group outings, and concerts by the University Choir, which is recruiting choristers of all ages and vocal ranges.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the University.” 

Céline Plumecoq
Cultural Development Officer

Useful Information

Information : + (33) 3 20 13 47 47 /

To subscribe to conferences: secure payment via the online ticket site

Creative Campus

The Université Catholique de Lille Creative Campus is a place for creative minds. Our mission is to gather students motivated by the desire to stimulate their creativity and artistic sensibility. We aim to arouse curiosity, create inspiring shifts, nourish the imagination, and free the creative potential of every student through artistic expression.


By offering unique artistic moments, we encourage our students and collaborators to push back the boundaries of their imagination, explore new perspectives, and develop their creative language.   


Join us at Creative Campus and delve into a universe where art and innovation meet to nourish the soul and stimulate the mind.

Ateliers créatifs

On the program
• Art workshops 
• Shows
• Masterclasses 
• Artistic events 
• A cultural program of conferences
• Cultural experience ticket

Labo argentique campus créatif

HangArt Créatif : the place where art comes to life

HangArt Créatif, a true jewel of the Université Catholique de Lille, represents the essence of our Creative Campus. To give life to this project, the University invested in premises completely dedicated to artistic expression, thereby creating a newly furnished building from conception to completion. 


The HangArt Créatif structure consists of: 

  • A stage 
  • An art room  
  • A recording studio 
  • A fully equipped music studio
  • A silver-based photo lab
  • A dance studio

After free registration, these spaces are made available for our students to give life to their creative projects.


Free reservation of spaces via email:

Address : 13 rue Lavoisier à Lille

Workshops : cultivate your talent

Creative Campus offers the opportunity to participate in more than 30 weekly workshops exclusively reserved for students and supervised by professional artists. Each workshop, rich in teaching and practice, culminates in a restitution at the end of the semester and academic year.  


Workshop reservations are made at the beginning of the semester at HangArt Créatif.


Information and registrations: 
Lola Dartevert
Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM
Telephone: +(33) 6 82 72 17 41
HangArt Créatif, 13 rue Lavoisier, Lille

Join us and explore a world of artistic opportunities.  

Ateliers HangArt créatif

Creative Campus night

Creative Campus Night is an iconic event within the Université Catholique de Lille. This artistic evening is a vibrant celebration of all forms of creativity.


Participants will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of creative and captivating experiences of dance, theater, concerts, exhibitions, artistic strolls…everything orchestrated through the fusion of passionate students and talented professionals.


This memorable evening is open to all, and admission is free. To see a preview of the 2024 edition, we invite you to watch the video on the right.


Join us for a night of inspiration and creation. It is an experience not to be missed by all lovers of art and artistic expression.


Justine Joseph
Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM
Telephone: + (33) 6 42 23 64 90
HangArt Créatif, 13 rue Lavoisier, Lille

The concert-show

Delve into an exceptional show that fuses musical comedy and opera. After the success of “Carmen à La La Land” with 40 students on stage that captivated more than 600 spectators, we are pushing back the boundaries this year.

The Université Catholique de Lille Choir and the European Symphony Orchestra will join our talented students for a unique evening. Dance and music intertwine to transcend genres and eras.


Join us for a night of inspiration and creation. Lovers of art and artistic expression will not want to miss this experience.


Clément Violini
Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM
Telephone: + (33) 6 85 68 42 73
HangArt Créatif, 13 rue Lavoisier, Lille

Cultural experience ticket

This year, we are delighted to introduce a new offer: Cultural experience ticket. Exclusively reserved for students of the establishment, it will allow you to discover various renowned cultural events.


  • Tickets at a reduced price
  • Private visits
  • Students only

We are proud to collaborate with prestigious institutions such as le Colisée de Roubaix ( the Roubaix Coliseum),  le Théâtre du Nord ( the North Theater), l’Opéra de Lille (the Opera of Lille) to provide unique experiences for our students.

Keep updated with Creative Campus news.