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A multidisciplinary institution 

The Université Catholique de Lille is a comprehensive institution unique in France. It consists of 5 Faculties, 18 « Grandes Ecoles » (graduate schools in engineering and business), schools, and institutes, and a hospital group, and offers 217 degree programs in six areas of study

  • Law, Economics, Business, & Management 
  • Innovation & Design thinking
  • Arts, Humanities, Theology, Ethics & Education 
  • Health and Social Care 
  • Science and Technologies 
  • Political Science and International Relations 


Our Faculties, schools and institutes

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Law - Management, Economics & Science - Innovation & Design Thinking - Humanities & Humanities 
Medicine & Maieutics - Expertise & Audit - Political Science - Theology - Ethics & Philosophy

Great Schools, Schools and Institutes

Law, Economics, Management, Management

Health, Social

Science, Technology, Digital


L’Université Catholique de Lille est membre fondateur de la Communauté d’Université et d’Établissements Lille Nord de France.