A vision for the University


  • Become a world-leading creative campus, with more networking of innovative ecosystems and further artistic and creative development.
  • Become even more lively and animated, culturally and artistically, with new services and support for student creativity, and involvement that radiates throughout the city and beyond. 
  • Open a new School in Arts and Design serving members of the Federation , including social design – a tool for the creative development of all members of the university community.


Build an international strategy for daily living, institutional positioning, and outreach.

Diversity & Inclusion

Affirm the University’s position as an inclusive institution, attentive to diversity, in line with its humanistic values.


Develop innovative, internationally recognized, multidisciplinary research that is centred on ethical questions of human purpose and meaning. 


Develop a reputation for excellence in scientific research in service to the social, economic, and cultural environment of the region and beyond.  

Energy and Society in Transition 

Achieve distinction and international recognition through the Live TREE Program and the Vauban Esquermes approach to creating the sustainable neighbourhood of tomorrow. 


  • Create a community and a sense of belonging for everyone within.
  • Build and keep the Université Catholique de Lille promise, an explicit statement of values to be widely communicated and institutionally supported.


  • Become clearly identified as an innovative creator of new methodologies, processes, and alliances to meet future challenges in health and society. 
  • Pursue the development of the digital campus through the creation of a physical and virtual Intelligent Village promoting creativity.