Key facts and figures

Founded in 1875, and unique in France, the Université Catholique de Lille is a multidisciplinary institution which combines 5 faculties, 20 schools, institutes, and Grandes Ecoles, and a hospital group. 

From its very beginnings, what is now France’s largest private, not-for-profit university has distinguished itself within the fields of higher education, research, and health, through its commitment to mutual care as a central value. The institution both supports and is supported by the local region and community, and is open to diversity, and to the world.

Driven by creativity and innovation, and in close collaboration with its students and its partners, the Université Catholique de Lille is contributing to the construction of the world of tomorrow through its research projects, entrepreneurship, involvement with society’s most vulnerable, and the transformation of society and its energy use.


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An integrated student educational experience

+40,000 students

+200 students associations

2 business schools, tripled-accredited (EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA)

25 educational establishments

5000m2of innovative eco-systems


A university at the forefront of internationalisation 

8,000 students on international exchanges or internships
8,000 international students welcomed on the university campus
550+ partner universities across the world

Research in the service of social change

Three primary areas: 

  • the Third Industrial Revolution
  • innovative ecosystems
  • ethics and new social models

700 teacher-researchers

220 PhDs

15 Research Chairs

15 units and research institutes

Health and social care: an important player in the region 


9  births daily in our hospitals

lit d'hopital

A hospital group: 1000 hospital beds across three sites


A social medicine group: 850 beds at the EHPAD retirement homes


3 facilities dedicated to the care of the handicapped

“Live Tree” : A project for energy and social transition 


A large livable campus

A university library of 1.360 sq.m 

1500 beds in university residences

A university campus covering 150 000 sq.m at the heart of Lille