ESPOL European School of Political and Social Sciences

60 boulevard Vauban - CS 40109 - 59016 Lille Cedex
03 59 56 79 76


Political science is a discipline driven by excellence that offers attractive career prospects with a strong international outlook. Living up to this ambition, ESPOL, the European School of Political and Social Sciences, offers an interdisciplinary education oriented towards political careers and Europe. As successor to the School of Social and Political Sciences created within the Catholic University of Lille in 1894, ESPOL emphasises human values and the ethics of responsibilities; indispensable qualities for making one’s way in today’s world.

Its bilingual French-English courses provide an original and innovative platform for teaching political science.
The Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees give ESPOL graduates the keys to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market: theoretical knowledge and creativity, professionalism and intellectual curiosity, practical skills and sense of initiative.
European, multilingual and in step with its time, ESPOL provides you with the requisite skill-set to successfully enter the job market in Europe and beyond!

ESPOL is founded on three core principles:
– Teaching quality
– Research excellence
– Community service



Director : Andrew Glencross