ESTICE - International Management

Campus Saint Raphaël • 83 bd Vauban (Bât. E) • 59000 Lille
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"Imagine, Experience and Change

ESTICE is a Bachelor's and Master's program at the Catholic University of Lille that trains its students in international management to develop projects and strategies for companies in the commercial and non-commercial sectors with a multilingual, intercultural and ethical approach. Through their unique experiences, they are led to become responsible, agile and creative citizens of the world.


- The international dimension with the possibility of living 6 to 24 months abroad: in an internship, linguistic experience, academic exchange in one of our 38 partner universities, or a triple Master degree between 3 universities (Lille, Russia, Taiwan). 100% of students go abroad from the first year and a minimum of 2 experiences abroad are required.

- An approach to languages applied to the professional world with the learning of 3 compulsory modern languages (LV1: English, LV2: Spanish, German or beginner Portuguese, LV3: Chinese, Russian or Japanese) and more than 50% of the courses in foreign languages.

- A responsible business approach with the integration of various environmental, social, economic, human and ethical issues throughout the training.

- Recognition with a Bac +5 school diploma in "International Business Management" as well as a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Research.

- A more authentic approach to training with personalized follow-up within a school of human proportions (classes of 100 students) and a particular expectation of the student's overall well-being.

- Proximity to the business world with 5 internship periods, including the last year in a work-study program; hybridization of courses through collaboration between students and companies (e.g., hackathons, business cases).

- The freedom to personalize one's path from License 3 onwards: an elective path (12 electives to choose from over the entire path - i.e. 220 hours of specialization from License 3 to Master 2): International Marketing and Digital Communication, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, People and Organization Management, International Business Development and Entrepreneurship, CSR and Sustainable Development Management.

- Employability with 91% of graduates in employment within 3 months of graduation (year 2021).



Director : Antoine Blondelle
Dean of studies : Olivier Jupin
Secretary General: Vincent Ruckebusch