Housing and cafeterias

University dorm

If you wish to book a room in a university dorm, you can find all the housing information (list of dorms, description, rent price, application procedure, etc.) on the All (Housing Office): 

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Information and Contact

All (Housing Office)
47 Boulevard Vauban (second floor) - 59000 Lille
Tel: +33 (0)3.
Mail : contact@all-lacatho.fr
Website : https://www.all-lacatho.fr/en/
Open from Monday to Friday : 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

More information on housing options on campus and in Lille

Student restaurants on campus

The price of a meal is 3,30€. Meal payment is done through the « All services » card. It can be topped up over the internet or at the terminals provided. This card gives access to the other services offered by the All. 

The « All services » card can be ordered for 2€ ahead of time by students on this link.

The University restaurant is composed of several dining rooms offering various menus. They are located at 47 boulevard Vauban and 125 rue Meurein. You can also buy sandwiches, a packed lunch or other take-away food from various sales points.

Check the full list of food options on the campus : https://www.all-lacatho.fr/en/content/100-resto
More information on the Services card 
An extensive choise of food options are available in the University neighbourhood.