European undergraduate degree in political science

Program type
First Degree
Admission mode
Admission level
High School Diploma in Litterature
High School Diploma in Sciences
High School Diploma in Economics & Social Sciences
Animation - Social
Information - Communication
Politic science
International relations
Teaching method
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
1589 h
6 semestres



The European undergraduate degree in political science combines multidisciplinary teaching and advanced methodological skills. il offers students solid general knowledge via truly humanistic training and varied introductory courses. Il also enables students to acquire technical and specialized knowledge about Europe.


- Solid knowlegde of all aspects of Europe (economic, political, historical, etc.)
- Excellent linguistic skills and truly humanistic training
- A real capacity to analysis, appraisal and argumentation, as well as good ability to synthesize

Continuation of study

- Master in Global and European Politics d'ESPOL ou un master dans un Institut d'Etudes Politiques; master en droit public, économie, gestion, histoire, journalisme, communication...
- Master à l'étranger

Teaching officer
Pierre-Yves NERON, Associate Professor of Economic and Social Ethics

Concours de la fonction publique européenne, nationale et territoriale
Poste dans une collectivité territoriale, une ONG, une organisation internationale, dans le bureau Europe d'une entreprise privée...

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Licence Droit, Economie, Gestion
Mention Science politique
Parcours Européen

Diplôme délivré par jury rectoral


Student mobility :
From the second year of the undergraduate program, the students have the possibility to spend a semester abroad in one of our partner universities in Europe or beyond, depending on their grades.

ESPOL, Licence 3 Européenne de Science Politique, 2022-2023, S5
ESPOL, Licence 3 Européenne de Science Politique, 2022-2023, S6
ESPOL, Licence 1 Européenne de Science Politique, 2022-2023, S1
ESPOL, Licence 1 Européenne de Science Politique, 2022-2023, S2
ESPOL, Licence 2 Européenne de Science Politique, 2022-2023, S3


Admission condition

High School Diploma with good proficiency in French

Admission modality

Selection on file.

Annual cost

Bachelor's and Master's fees are calculated depending on revenue and household composition.

You can immediatly estimate your fees online :

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