Diplôme Ingénieur ISEN

3rd year (CSI 3)

Etape de formation
3rd year (CSI 3)
Début des cours
Fin des cours
Crédits ECTS
The third year constitutes an entry into the engineering cycle. The courses suggested relate to an ISEN general training that border on the following fields: electronics, data processing, telecommunications, automatic, signal processing, physics, and mathematics. Those are supplemented by courses aimed at preparing one for the professional life with the courses dedicated to the knowledge corporations (economy, organization, production, management) to personal development (general culture, communication, professional project) and to management (team work, project management, execution of an event or animation of an association). These are also supplemented by English language courses. Each subject matter dealt with through courses, practice settings, execution of projects and exchange of ideas with group members all under supervision by teacher. The students in engineering profit from the college campus on their personal notebook.

  Cours Période Etablissement Prof. responsable Coef. Crédits
1 Domain: Physics, Electronics - 15.00
  Digital Electronics S1 JUNIA B.STEFANELLI - 7.00
  Quantum Mechanics S1 JUNIA A.DEVOS - 2.00
  Solid State Physics - Nanosciences S2 JUNIA P.DIENER - 2.00
  Analog Electronics S2 JUNIA B.STEFANELLI - 4.00
2 Domain: Signal & Systems - 12.00
  Preliminary Mathematical Workshops S1 JUNIA G.CHÊNEVERT - 1.00
  Transformations S1 JUNIA G.CHÊNEVERT - 2.00
  Analysis of Random Signals S2 JUNIA G.CHÊNEVERT - 2.00
  Analys des Signaux et des Images S2 JUNIA D.BOULINGUEZ - 4.00
  Automatics S2 JUNIA AM.KOKOSY - 3.00
3 Domain: Computer Science - 12.00
  Algorithms & C Programming S1 JUNIA P.RICQ - 9.00
  Computer Networks and Programming S2 JUNIA D.DELANNOY - 3.00
4 Domain: Project - 6.00
5 Domain: Management and Personnal Completion - 13.00
  First Certificate of English I S1+S2 JUNIA E.LITTON - 3.00
  Communication for Working I S1+S2 JUNIA E.LITTON - 3.00
  Media Studies I S1+S2 JUNIA E.LITTON - 3.00
  Communication Skills S1 JUNIA F.GRUMETZ - 1.00
  Enterprise Management S1 JUNIA F.GRUMETZ - 2.00
  Ethics S2 JUNIA F.GRUMETZ - 3.00
  Macro-Economy S2 JUNIA F.GRUMETZ - 1.00
  Taking on responsibilities S2 JUNIA F.GRUMETZ - 2.00
  Elective Module S2 JUNIA F.GRUMETZ - 2.00
6 Optional Training - 0.00
  Second Forein Language S1+S2 JUNIA E.LITTON 1.00
  Sport S1+S2 JUNIA E.LITTON 1.00

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