Diplôme Ingénieur ISEN (Master's degree in electronics and information technology)

Program type
First Degree
Admission mode
file + interview
Admission level
2nd Year of Bachelor Program
Higher Education Programme (4 years)
High School Diploma in Sciences
Technical Degree (2 years)
Technical University Degree (2 years)
Preparatory Classes
Sciences - Industries
Electronics, electrotecnics, automatisms, telecoms
Computing, network and systems
Signal processing
Electric engineering
Industrial management
Ecoles d'ingénieur
Teaching method
Engineering Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
4000 h
10 semestres



JUNIA ISEN is among French superior schools of engineers in high technologies. The Engineering degree of ISEN is labelized by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs). The ISEN degree is reknowned in the economic world and appears among the “target-profiles” of large companies in that sector such as Unilog, SOPRA-group, THALES, EADS, the SNCF and so on…
JUNIA is a non-profit association.
There are nearly 1500 students attending one of different campuses (in Brest, Lille, Toulon, Fès (Morocco), Metz, Nîmes, Orléans, Avignon, Maubeuge) who take advantage of the training offered in the science and technology fields (data processing, telecommunications, automatics, electronics, computing science…), management field (business knowledge, project management, entrepreneurship,…) and self-development ( in communication, professional project, associative involvement…). The teaching is combined with a 10-months experience in a company and a short stay abroad.


ISEN offers a 5-year program with a general engineering education in electronics and computer sciences. In the masters program, students can choose classes in fields of science and technology, management and personal development.
ISEN is one of the few large engineering schools that offers sections in Sports Education, Music Education, Acting Education and "Music and technologies".
ISEN relies on high-level teachers, who conduct international ranked research including technology transfer and collaboration with leading companies in the sector. Finally, the teaching approach is innovative using intensively personal computers and an on-line course management system. It allows students, through two majors, to collaborate with external students in order to carry out a project for 50% of their courses.

Key Learning outcomes : Computer science, Networks, Information System, Electronics, Nano-Technologies, Robotics, Signal & Image Processing, Innovation, Co-Design



Integration rate

100% of students are hired 4 months after their Engineering degree

Continuation of study

Students may continue their studies to a PhD programme or a specialised master degree.

Teaching officer
David BOULINGUEZ, Campusl Director, david.boulinguez@yncrea.fr

Engineers are in high demand! Over 85% of them are hired even before they complete their studies.
A comprehensive study program allows them to advance in various posts that one may choose: project head, in charge of production, manager, researchers, in charge of information technology, business engineer, quality engineer, business entrepreneur.
ISEN engineers work in all branches of industry that are resorting increasingly to the use of the information systems and technological innovation in: data processing, telecom, automatism engineering, software firms, constructions, electronics, industry, services, transportation, environment, distribution, healthcare...

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

The student is conferred the ISEN Engineering diploma which is given by ISEN (College of Electronic and numeric engineering). It is authorized by CTI (the Commission des Titres) and is awarded the rank of Master.
The decision to issue to each student a Diploma is decided by a diploma panel and is based on the following criteria:
- followed at least 2 years of studies in the ISEN engineering cycle
- has been admitted into the 5th year at ISEN
- has validated the 1st semester of your 5th year or an equivalent year pursued outside ISEN
- has validated the obligatory internships
- has obtained the First Certificate of Cambridge


The curriculum is covered in 5 years of studies. It is structured in bachelor and master programs. Two bachelor programs are offered: "Networks & Computer Science" and "Engineering Sciences". In these three year programs, the majority of courses covers very general principles; 5 majors are proposed in the master program. The detailed program of each year is given below.
Upon successful completion of the program, students are simultaneously awarded the “Diplôme d’Ingénieur ISEN” and the “Grade de Master” (Master’s degree).

The successful completion of the Bachelor "Engineering Sciences" or of the bachelor "Networks & Computer Science" depends on the validation of 180 ECTS.
The successful completion of one of the bachelor programs gives access to the master program in any of the 5 majors.
The successful completion of the Master degree depends on the validation of 120 ECTS.
The bachelor programs are entirely taught in French, and candidates need to master French at the B2 level at minimum.

A part of the master program is offered in English allowing international students to join at this level.

Cycle Préparatoire Généraliste

Le cycle Préparatoire Généraliste de l'ISEN Lille est composé de deux années de classes préparatoires (Math Sup et Math Spé) intégrées à l'école suivant les programmes MPSI/PSI. Certaines parties du programme sont aménagées en fonction des spécificités de la formation ISEN (formation humaine, informatique, langues).
Ce cycle préparatoire se poursuit sur le cyc le ingénieur et donne accès aux 10 Domaines de Professionnalisation de 4ème et 4ème années

Cycle Préparatoire "Informatique & Réseaux"

Ce cycle préparatoire s’adresse aux étudiants qui souhaitent découvrir l’univers de l’informatique et des réseaux dès la première année d'études supérieures. Le programme comprend des enseignement renforcés en informatique et réseaux des la première année d'étude. Le programme de mathématiques, de sciences fondamentales et de sciences de l'ingénieur est cependant suffisamment approfondi pour permettre la poursuite des études d’ingénieur ISEN dans l'une quelconque des majeures. Les étudiants ayant réussi ce cycle sont automatiquement admis en cycle Ingénieur et ont accès aux 10 Domaines de Professionnalisation de 4ème et 5ème années

Troisième Année

1ère année du cycle ingénieur

Cycle M (Master)


Admission condition

There are various ways to enter ISEN:

After a Secondary School Diploma in Sciences: the candidates pass the "Concours Puissance Alpha" entrance exam. It is a test written in the form of multiple-choice question paper supplemented by record of your past two year studies. The written test and the record each accounts for 50% of the admission.

After the DUT (two-year qualification after the A-Level), a Bachelor’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering (at the catholic university of Lille), for a direct access in the third year: access on record and interview.

For a direct access in the third year after preparatory classes: the applicants must pass the FESIC-Prépa entrance exam (www.fesic.org). It is a test written in the form of multiple-choice question paper supplemented by an interview.

After BTS-Prépa (with the Ozanam college of Lille) for a direct access into the third year: access on record and interview.

Admission modality

Registration for the "Concours Puissance Alpha" entrance exam is carried out online at the following website: www.admission-postbac.fr (before March 20th 2018)

Registration after preparatory classes for the FESIC-Prépa entrance exam is available online between December 2017 and January 2018 (see www.fesic.org for details).

For all the other methods of registration, please contact directly ISEN via Marie-Christine FACON - Tel. (+33)03 20 30 40 57 - admissions@isen-lille.fr

Annual cost

Tuition fees (2020-2018 academic year):

Generalit preparatory classes:
1st & 2nd year: 6250 euros

Networks and Computer Science preparatory classes/ Digital & Biology / ADIMAKER :
1st, 2nd : 6250 euros

Engineering Program
3rd year: 8000€
4th & 5th year: 8550 euros

In the 3rd year (or 4th year), you must also foresee for a laptop computer purchase (at a discounted price negotiated by ISEN with the manufacturer): approximately 1300 euros.


ISEN has worked out with many banks to provide 100% funding for studies. The student is allowed to begin to reimburse his loan two years after his graduation.
Additionally, in case of unemployment, sickness or death of parents or persons paying the tuition, the tuition fees will be waived by ISEN.

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