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    LILLE European Summer Program

    European Summer Program Online | 1 July – 22 July 2022

    Registration deadline: 1 June 2022


    LILLE ESP Online will consist of the following courses for all students:

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    • Corporate Culture, Human Resources, & Innovation (39 hours)
      Professor: Bernd Gibson, Trainer and Consultant in Intercultural Communication, International HR and Management, IESEG School of Management
      Course Description: An overview of the role of Human Resources as a strategic and innovative business partner, the influence of Corporate Culture on an organization’s agility, and the promotion of innovation, diversity, and well-being.
    • Intercultural Communication & Competence (9 hours)
      Professor: Veronica Ramos, Clarife, Université Catholique de Lille
      Course Description: This course will provide students with an overview of France and the Lille region in particular while given students some tools to improve their intercultural competence.  Culture is often experienced first through our senses, but how we interpret the different stimuli is filtered through our cultural lenses. Through themes such as architecture, food, film and pop culture, we start our journey to understanding how cultures differ and explore some different methods to navigate the differences one might encounter in cross-cultural work.

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    LILLE Winter Online Program
    LILLE Winter

    LILLE Winter Online 2022

    Course Offering:

    30 total contact hours plus individual and group assignments
    9 hour intercultural communication module
    3 hours of virtual visits of Lille and its region
    42 total hours
    6 ECTS credits 

    Class Schedule: 1pm - 4pm Central European Time


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    LILLE Winter Online Program