Master Data Management in Biosciences

Program type
First Degree
Admission mode
Admission level
Bachelors Degree
Higher Education Programme (4 years)
Licence 3
Teaching method
Master's Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
900 h
4 semestres



Students holding a BS in life sciences, computer sciences, health sciences or any other relevant/equivalent degree are welcomed to join our master program in Data Management in Biosciences.

The program aims at training high level data managers in the field of biosciences from data collection to data mining including quality control, splicing, statistical analysis, and other aspects of data analysis. Students are also meant to have a strong human and ethical background.

Students are given the opportunity to pursue their studies either by attending full time classes « formation initiale » or having a part time working experience called « alternance » (apprenticeship). This part time working experience can be chosen during the second year of master.

Classes are fully taught in English.


Data sciences, biostatistics, biosciences, bioinformatics, clinical assays

Integration rate

New degree

Continuation of study


Teaching officer

Apprenticeship possible in second year
Pharma, Biotech, hospitals, clinical research, agrofood, data management in health in the field as engineers, project manager, project coordinator, data manager, R&D,…

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Master Sciences, Technologies, Santé
Mention Informatique
Parcours Data Management in Biosciences

Diplôme en convention avec l'UPHF (Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France)


Master 1 : formation initiale + 4 mois de stage obligatoire
Master 2 : formation en alternance : 3 jours en entreprise et 2 jours en cours

Les études en Master se déroulent sur le site :
Campus Wenov, à Euratechnologie
177 Allée Clémentine Deman
59800 Lille

Master 1 DATA Management In Biosciences, 2023-2024, S1


Admission condition

BS or equivalent degree, at least a B1 in English

Admission modality

1) For students enrolled in a French Higher Education Institution:

2) For students enrolled in a Foreign Institution:…

Complementary procedure:

Annual cost
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