Licence Commerce et Biosciences

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First Degree
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file + interview
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High School Diploma in Litterature
Higher Education Programme (1 year)
2nd Year of Bachelor Program
Bachelors Degree
Higher Education Programme (4 years)
Higher Education Programme (5 years)
High School Diploma in Sciences
High School Diploma in Economics & Social Sciences
Vocational High-School Diploma
Technical Degree (2 years)
General University Degree (2 years)
Vocational University Degree (2 years)
Technical University Degree (2 years)
Preparatory Classes
Vocational Bachelors Degree
Business School Degree
Higher Education Programme (3 years)
Higher Education Programme (2 years)
Sciences - Industries
Business - Economics - Management
commercial sector
Teaching method
Bachelor's Degree
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ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
3350 h
6 semestres



"Explore, Innovate and Reveal your potential

ESPAS is a Bachelor's and Master's program at the Catholic University of Lille that trains its students in business and bioscience.

Their innovative commercial and scientific approach allows them to accompany companies in the health, biomedical, nutrition, food, distribution, and cosmetics sectors in the development of their strategies and projects. Students with an interest in the scientific field are thus opened to new perspectives in the business world.

ESPAS is :

- A unique concept that trains students in a dual competence of business and biosciences, particularly sought after by companies in the cosmetics, health, pharmaceutical or agri-food sectors, with a responsible approach to management.

- A responsible business approach with the integration of various environmental, social, economic, human and ethical issues throughout the training.

- Proximity to the business world with 6 internship periods (up to 22 months of experience), including a semester abroad and a year of work-study; a hybridization of teaching through collaboration between students and companies (e.g. hackathons, company cases).

- Recognition with a Bac +5 school diploma in "Business Management" as well as a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Research.

- A more authentic approach to training with personalized follow-up within a school of human dimensions (classes of 60 students) and a particular expectation of the student's overall well-being.

- The freedom to personalize one's path from the 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree:
1. the choice of a sector-based course of study between health, cosmetics or agri-food.
2. 220 hours of professional specialization throughout the program (License 3 to Master 2) - International Marketing and Digital Communication, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, People and Organization Management, International Business Development and Entrepreneurship, CSR Management and Sustainable Development.

- Employability with 92% of graduates in employment within 3 months of graduation (year 2021).


The Bachelor's degree cycle (3 years) consists of a 6-semester program and 4 internships, equaling 15 months of corporate experience, including an international experience. Between courses, projects, seminar formats, coaching and accompaniment, ESPAS trains responsible managers with a dual competence in business and biosciences. The objectives of this degree are to

- Develop skills in biosciences:
Acquire a scientific culture applied to the biosciences sectors
Develop "business" skills specific to the agri-food, health and cosmetics sectors

- Develop business and management skills:
Acquire the fundamentals of the economy and management of organizations
Develop skills in team and organizational management
Develop business skills - build a tailor-made program in one of the 5 areas of specialization: International Marketing and Digital Communication | Purchasing and Supply Chain Management | People and Organization Management | CSR and Sustainable Development Management | International Business Development and Entrepreneurship

- Develop your project and your professional posture

Periods and methods of internship :
- ESPAS 1st year | Internship in a scientific environment | 2 to 4 months (April - August)
- ESPAS 2nd year | Sales internship | 20 days during the year (September - April)
- ESPAS 2nd year | Sales and Marketing Internship | 3 to 4 months (April - August)
- ESPAS 3rd year | International internship (English speaking country) | 5 months min. (February - August)



Integration rate

92% of graduates are employed within 3 months of graduation (year 2021)

Teaching officer
Olivier Jupin

In a world in constant transformation, where companies need more than ever versatile and qualified teams, ESPAS students are trained to develop company strategies with a commercial and scientific approach. The training offers them multiple career and evolution possibilities in various sectors such as: health, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, agri-food, biomedical, biotechnologies and distribution in a department: sales, purchasing, digital marketing, human resources, logistics, distribution, quality control.
Whether they are business managers, sales managers, marketing managers, product managers or sales directors, they will be required to manage, plan and participate in strategic decisions for companies. Some create their own company or start-up.

Our educational objective is to train future professionals who meet the requirements of the business world. With a minimum of 22 months in a company, i.e. 6 internships, our students are in line with the needs of the job market and have significant experience on their CV.

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Diplôme ESPAS

Licence Droit, Economie, Gestion - Mention Economie-Gestion - Parcours Commerce et Bio-sciences
Diplôme délivré par jury rectoral

Master Droit, Economie, Gestion - Mention Marketing Vente - Parcours Commerce et Bio-sciences
Diplôme en convention avec l'UPHF (l'Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France)


At the end of their training, our ESPAS students validate a Bac +5 diploma of "Business Manager".

They also validate national university diplomas, that is to say a diploma of "Licence - Droit, Économie, Gestion - Mention Économie Gestion" and a diploma of "Master Droit, Économie, Gestion - Mention Management des administrations et des entreprises", delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Research (RNCP level 7).

Bachelor's degree - Law, Economics, Management - Economics and Management
- The Bachelor's degree cycle (3 years) consists of a 6-semester program and 4 internships, equaling 15 months of corporate experience, including an international experience.

+ More information on the program here:


Admission condition

- Apply for a Licence 1:
Admission is open to high school students from general baccalaureate series, STL, ST2S, STAV and STI2D baccalaureate series, as well as to candidates who are already in higher education.
The school remains open to all profiles for the specialties, with an affinity for Life and Earth Sciences. In order to harmonize the scientific skills of students coming from different backgrounds (Bac S, ES, L, choice of specialties for the new Bac ...), the fundamentals used throughout the training are reworked in the first year, both for business and biosciences.

- Apply for a License 2 or 3:
If you have a PASS / L. AS, a Licence (Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Economics-Management, Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, SVTE), a BUT (Biology Engineering, GEA, TC, Chemistry), a Prépa (Chemistry, PCSI, Life Sciences, BCPST, CVGE, MPSI and PTSI), a BTSA, a School of Engineering or a School of Business, the candidate can apply for a Licence 2 or 3 depending on his/her background.
Please note: Direct admission to Licence 3 is only possible after a scientific background.
If the candidate wishes to apply after one or more years of PASS/L.AS., he/she can join us directly in Licence 2. Otherwise, they can apply to join us in Licence 1 on Parcoursup.

The interview tests the motivation and the coherence of the project.

Admission modality

- Applying for a Bachelor's degree: the application is made via Parcoursup, a national admission platform on which the student formulates his/her wishes. After a study of the application, the candidate will be called for an interview in French (motivation, coherence of the project, interest in life sciences and business).

- Applying for a Bachelor's degree 2 or 3: if the applicant has already started one or more years of higher education, he or she does not apply via Parcoursup but directly on our application platform from January. After a study of his or her file, he or she will be called for an interview in French (motivation, coherence of the professional project and knowledge in business and life sciences). He/she will benefit from additional teaching modules if necessary.

The application fee is 75€.

Annual cost

4340€ per year (2022-2023 rate)

Possibility of access to scholarships from the National Education under conditions.
Possibility to benefit from bank loans at privileged rates.
Assistance in financing internships.
Partnership with DELL for the purchase of computer equipment.

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