HEI Engineering Degree

Program type
First Degree
Apprenticeship Training
Admission mode
file + interview
Admission level
Higher Education Programme (1 year)
2nd Year of Bachelor Program
Bachelors Degree
Higher Education Programme (4 years)
High School Diploma in Sciences
Building trades / Public works / Landscaping
Sciences - Industries
Business - Economics - Management
Building trades
Automotive industry
Electronics, electrotecnics, automatisms, telecoms
Banking / Insurance
Mechanic engineering
Building, Planning and Architecture
Ecoles d'ingénieur
Medical engineering and health
Teaching method
Engineering Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
4300 h
10 semestres



Full time training course in Lille campus :

Training course in General Engineering with specialist fields of study : Building Installation and Architecture (BAA) ; Building and Civil Engineering (BTP) ; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (C) ; Mechanical Design and Engineering (CM) ; Energy, Electrical Systems, Controlled and Automated Systems (ESEA) ; Engineering for the Health Sector (IMS) ; Computer Science and Information Technologies (ITI) ; Technologies and Innovation in Textiles and International Management (TIMTex), Banking, Finance and Insurance BFA), Mecatronic, Smart Cities ; Innovation management (MI), Entrepreneurship (E), Management of industrial and logistics operations (MOIL)

Sandwich courses (Lille & Centre campuses) :

Centre campus : 3 years. Main field of study : Mechatronics and robotics
Lille campus : 3 years. Main fields of study : Building and Civil Engineering, Energies and electrical systems


- An interdisciplinary understanding of sciences, technology, planning, management, ethics, personal development…
- Guidance over a 5-year period to build up an individualized professional project
- An overseas experience is required (at least 3 months) : either by studying abroad for one semester or one year (110 parners) or by an internship.
- The study of 2 languages is required
- The study of a third language is proposed



Integration rate

less than 4 months > hiring delay for 97 % of 2015 HEI alumni

Teaching officer

Sectors : Aeronautics - Space - Automobile - Naval - Railway – Food processing - Bank - Wholesale – Civil engineering - Chemistry - Electricity - Electronics - Energy - Data processing - Telecommunications - Engineering - Logistics -
Materials: metallurgy, polymers - Mechanics - Medical - International Trade – Clothing and technical textile…
Functions: engineer in business, methods, Production, Logistics, Quality, Maintenance, Research. Product manager, CEO…

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

HEI Engineering Degree-Recognized by the CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur)
The HEI engineering diploma is recognised by the French government as being a master’s level degree


The first 2 years consist of implanted preparatory classes. 2 fields are offered :
* MPSI (Mathematics, Physics Engineering sciences)
* PCSI (Physics, Chemistry Engineering sciences)

3-year (HEI3) finishs the first cycle of HEI with a common core of courses.

4-year (HEI4) consists of common core of courses + major (chosen by the student)

5-year (HEI5) consists of common core of courses + major (chosen by the student)

Cycle préparatoire implanté : 2 ans (120 ECTS)
Cycle ingénieur HEI : 3 ans (180 ECTS)


Admission condition

Application + interview, entrance exam, VAE (validation of past experience), VAP (validation of professional experience)

Details of admission requirements:
•in HEI 1: High School Diploma
•in HEI 3: minimum ordinary degree, preferably a Bachelor’s
•in HEI 4: Master’s degree in Science.

Admission modality

-Entering HEI after Secondary School
. must be registered for your final year of secondary school (with a distinction in Science)
. The school accepts applications via the Concours Puissance 11 to have more information you can visite this website www.concourspuissance11 .
- Entering HEI after 1 or 2 year of higher education :
. apply directly to the school°.
. application to be submitted before end of april . Interviews scheduled for the beginning of June. Online application form on www.hei.fr

- For applicants who hold a Master’s degree : apply directly to the school°. Deadline: end of april - Interviews in may.
Download the application form on www.hei.fr, admissions.

° Contact for application : admissions@hei.fr

For Sandwich courses, BTS, DUT or Licence degree :
. apply directly to the school.
. application to be submitted before end of april. Interviews in may.
Online application form on www.hei.fr

Annual cost

Full time courses in Lille campus - rates in 2012-13 :
- 3800 € for preparatory cycle HEI 1 and HEI 2
- 7950 € for HEI 3
- 8350 € for 4 - 5

Sandwich courses : supported by the company's trainee

Financial Aid: some internal grants, special rates loans, some government loans...
Student Social security
Housing: AEU et Sigla

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