LILLE European Summer Program News

07 July 2023

European Summer Program News


The first session of the 23rd edition of the European Summer Program has just come to an end. As we welcome the ESP2 students to our campus this week, the LILLE Programs team is delighted to tell you more about the experience of the program’s participants.


Embarked on an innovative academic and cultural journeyduring the first session of the European Summer Program at Université Catholique de Lille, which ran from May 24th to June 22nd. 65 of them will be staying with us for the 2nd session, along with over a hundred new students who have just arrived this week.


Students experienced a vibrant multicultural exchangeover the month. This diversity made class discussions more interesting and social gatherings more fun, showcasing the richness different cultures bring to learning abroad.


Ranging from liberal arts to business, political science, and French language. Our local faculty professors led the lessons and academic visits, along with 5 guest professors from partner universities. This international collaboration enriched the students' learning as a part of our commitment to worldwide academic partnerships.

Were organized to broaden horizons and immerse students in French and European culture. International Night stands out as one of the most remarkable events where students showcased their unique cultures through dance, music, and food. Movie Nights exposed students to the cinematic treasures of the Franco-Belgian region, whilst group dinners allowed them to discover some French and North African culinary specialties.
Our cultural visits, field trips, and guided tours led students to explore Lille's rich historical and artistic heritage, as well as key sites in France and Belgium such as Bruges, Brussels, Ieper, Arras, Paris, Normandy, and Nausicaa. These excursions provided a first-hand immersion in European culture and history and served as a background for forming shared memories and lifelong friendships.

ESP Lille

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  • Meet UCLille at the EAIE Conference 2023 in Rotterdam

    Meet UCLille at the EAIE Conference 2023 in Rotterdam

    The Université Catholique de Lille will have a booth at the EAIE Conference from 26 to 29 September.

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  • Support to the Moroccan Community

    Support to the Moroccan Community

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    Our thoughts are especially with the students and staff from our campuses in Casablanca and Rabat, and with all those here and elsewhere who have relatives and friends in Morocco.

    The Université Catholique de Lille is ready to assist in any way it can, through the coming weeks, all those affected by this terrible tragedy.