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logo lilleLILLE - "Learn In Lille, Live Europe" combines a variety of innovative, student-centred academic programs at the Université Catholique de Lille, tailored to suit different academic needs and schedules, and to provide a welcoming environment and an excellent study/life balance.



European Summer Program     Short Term Program

LILLE European Summer Program

A true academic experience at the heart of Europe

12 ECTS credits
6 North American credits

2,500 students welcomed since 2001

96% of the students recommend the program

20+ courses offered

ESP 2020

ESP1: 25 May to 23 June 2020
ESP2: 25 June to 24 July 2020 

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Applications open: December 2019

Created in 2001, the LILLE European Summer Program (ESP) is a four-week academic course offering to students (and instructors) from around the world the opportunity to experience French culture firsthand at the heart of Europe and be part of an international, multicultural student community.
LILLE ESP is tailored to suit your objectives and challenges, while balancing educational and social activities. Students can choose from a large variety of electives to fulfil their interests and expand their horizons.
Diversity is what makes our programs and our community so rich: students from all over the world, from different types of institutions, with different backgrounds and perspectives share a common experience on a French campus, at the heart of Europe.
LILLE ESP has become more and more successful over the years. From 27 students in 2001, it now welcomes 200+ students from 20+ countries each summer. We are proud to offer a high-standard academic and social experience: more than 95% of students and staff say the LILLE ESP met or exceeded their expectations.
LILLE ESP offers tailor-made, student-centered programs, developed in collaboration with our partner universities, with exciting new electives. It has been designed as a full package including a large variety of academic courses, accommodation, meal and transportation passes, extra-curricular activities, and 24/7 personalized assistance.


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Include a 9-hour module of Intercultural Communication in French or in English.

Elective Contact hours Language ESP1 ESP2
French Language and Culture* 51 French Yes Yes
Project Management for Everyone 48 English Yes Yes
Comparative Law 48 English Yes x


*An initial placement activity will sort students from beginner to advanced.

AFTERNOON ELECTIVES (39 contact hours)

Draft Schedule ESP1*

Draft Schedule ESP2*

* subject to change


What is included in my ESP package?


Accommodation in individual rooms in secure and private student residences, which are easily accessible to campus by walking or public transit. Depending on availability of the rooms students will either live in Valentine Charrondière, Campuséa, Estudines or Concordia. These residences are not run by the university but we have regular contact with them to optimally meet the students’ expectations.  

ESP generally attempts to place students from the same university in the same residence.


AEU dorm   AEU common room   AEU kitchen

  • Meal pass for use at the university restaurant during opening hours (50€ on card, can be recharged online at the student's expense). Plenty of fast food and restaurant options near campus as well (4-8€) 
  • 5 group dinners throughout the program 
  • Access to university facilities 
  • Public transportation pass for all public transit systems in the Lille Metropolitan area
  • Pick-up at train station on arrival day, campus tour, welcome brunch, ice-breaking activity, detailed program information session 
  • Student support available 24/7
  • Guided visits of Lille 
  • Day trips to historic and important Belgian cities (Bruges, Brussels, Ieper) with guided visits 
  • Planned cultural activities 
  • Movie nights 
  • Group dinners


Brussels  Bruges  bruges2


  • Wide range of courses (+20)
  • 12 ECTS Credits / 6 North American Credits : Participating in the ESP will allow students some transferable credits to include in their university career if they wish. Students should check with their academic advisors or Study Abroad office for more information about the credit transfer process. 
  • Official transcripts for course credits 
  • Course materials 
  • Off campus visits related to course materials

Cost of the ESP package: 2,995€


  • Tuition fees: 1,400€
  • Hospitality package: 1,295€
  • Administration fees: 300€

10% discount for partner universities and for students attending both sessions

The ESP Program can also provide Health and Travel Insurance coverage, knowing that it is mandatory to have health and travel insurance. Students under 25 can subscribe through the Université Catholique de Lille (+ 75 €).

Optional fieldtrips

We want students to make the most of their time in Lille, and have designed a series of fieldtrips and extra-curricular activities that will take them to some of the most emblematic cultural and historic places in France and Europe. (See p.16 & 17 in the ESP 2019 brochure)



Why Lille?

Map Europe Summer Program

Home to the Université Catholique de Lille since 1875, Lille is a vibrant and dynamic university city at the centre of Western Europe. With swift connections to Brussels (35 minutes), Paris (60 minutes), and London (80 minutes), Lille is perfect for students planning to visit and study Europe. And there is always much to see and do in Lille itself – a welcoming multicultural haven.

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European Summer Program

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ESP1>Application deadline: 1 April 2020

ESP2>Application deadline: 1 May 2020


Applications open: December 2019

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LILLE Short Term Programs

The LILLE Short Term Programs (STP) are two to three-week programs, modelled on the ESP, designed to give students from all over the world a unique academic and cultural experience complete with group dinners, local and regional tours, and opportunities to socialize with French students. Our STP academic offer focuses on various topics such as: 

  • Social Business
  • Sustainable Development
  • Language & Culture
  • Art and History
  • Health & Wellness


January STP (09 January 2020 - 29 January 2020)

Course offering: 

Australia Flanders France 

Health: a Common Good ?

World Class Museums between Paris and Brussels

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Cost of the STP: 1,995€


  • Tuition fees
  • Course materials
  • Administration fees
  • Pick-up at Lille Europe train station on the arrival day of the program
  • An orientation program on the first day of the program with a visit of the campus, of Lille and other practifcal information
  • Access to public transportation in Lille
  • A meal pass for lunches (Mon-Fri) at the university cafeteria
  • Group dinners in local restaurants to discover different type of gastronomy
  • Cultural activities such as fieldtrips around Lille, in Belgium, visits to museums



  • Accomodation in a hotel: shared room, breakfast and dinner included, easy access to the University -  900€
  • Week-end in Paris: 1 night in a hotel, guided visits, breakfast, access to transportation and a boat cruise on the Seine river - 200€
  • Health and Travel Insurance coverage, knowing that it is mandatory to have health and travel insurance. Students under 25 can subscribe through the Université Catholique de Lille - 75€

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Application deadline : 1 December 2019

STP 2020

Next sessions:

09 January - 29 January 2020

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