MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM

Type de formation
Mode d'admission
Niveau d'admission
Bac + 4 (maîtrise, master 1)
Forme d'enseignement
Face à face
Master of Science
Langue d'enseignement
Crédits ECTS
Volume horaire
2500 h
2 semestres



The main objective of the program is to prepare future managers to work in Digital Marketing and CRM, two rapidly emerging & complementary marketing fields that represent new ways of conducting marketing and improving relationships with clients.

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The MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM's focus is on theory and practical knowledge. This is foundation for the development of professionals who can improve their effective digital marketing strategy by capitalizing on customer's data. Students will also gain an understanding of the importance of managing customer relationships in a day-to-day business environment.

Responsable Pédagogique
Dr. Véronique PAUWELS

Today the business environment requires proficiency in online marketing and CRM. This innovative program has been designed by experts to teach the fundamentals of online business practices. graduates will have mastered new techniques to optimize communication strategies and improve customer relations. Career opportunities in diverse sectors include Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Social Media Manager, Web-Marketing Manager, CRM and e-CRM Manager and Traffic Manager.

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM

obtention avec 90 ECTS comprenant 60 ECTS de cours et 30 ECTS de stage


The program is offered on a full time basis and the curriculum is developped around core course and specialized courses in Digital Marketing and CRM. It also included French or other languages courses.

The MSc in Digital Marketing and CRM outlines the management and marketing essentials needed to become efficient marketing managers.

In the light of the changes brought by internet, the program focuses on the fundamentals of doing business online helping students understand online consumer behaviour, how to develop effective websites, how to optimise digital strategy and communication across various channels and how to integrate new innovation.

The program helps students use new digital information systems and manage databases correctly in order to improve customer relationships which will consequently enhance the decision-making process and benefit the company.

MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM - Semestre 1


Condition Admission

Open to candidates with an undergraduate degree in marketing related areas from a recognized university and with a command of English (IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 85 IBT, TOEIC 800). Native English speakers or students with English taught Bachelor degree are exempted.

Modalité d'admission

Admission is based on students' application available at and the examiniation of the required documents. Admission is offered on an ongoing basis to qualified students.

Coût Annuel

€ 15,750 for domestic and international students. International merit-based scholarship are available.

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