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  • Erasmus+ Training Week at Université Catholique de Lille

    Erasmus+ Training Week at Université Catholique de Lille

    Did you know?

    On top of student exchange and internship opportunities, Erasmus+ also encourages international training for administratives and teachers.

    Every year, the Université Catholique de Lille is pleased to receive dozens of international colleagues from different nationalities through the organisation of international Erasmus+ training weeks.

    See images of the last training week, organized as part of the ECOPOSS Biennale in October 2022:





  • University Climate Convention


    The University Climate Convention is an “active learning” program aligned with the Paris Agreement and the Convention for the Transition of Higher Education Institutions. As a signatory to the Grenoble Agreement and, with the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL), committed to the goal of zero carbon by 2050, the Université Catholique de Lille offers training and education regarding climate issues

    Joining the University Climate Convention means:

    Acting on behalf of the climate Learning about the ecological and climate transition and take ownership of the issues Participating in the development and implementation of solutions

    For three months, 100 students and 50 staff members from across the University and its varied establishments are taking part in an unprecedented program of training and collective workshops aimed at reducing carbon impact and personal lifestyle reconsiderations. Participants learn about global climate and energy issues, examine the University's carbon footprint and its various emission sources, and imagine solutions for the future. These will be presented to a jury of experts and decision-makers at the concluding session to be held on 6 December 2022 at the regional council office. Program dates: 13 and 20 October, 10, 17 and 24 November, 1 and 6 December, from 3 pm to 6 pm.  

  • "Sustainable Development Goals for Universities" event

    "Sustainable Development Goals for Universities" event

    On the 27th of June, the University had the pleasure of organizing a dissemination event in the form of a workshop dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals.

    It was a great opportunity to present the SDGs4u (Sustainable Development Goals for Universities) project to our colleagues from different establishments and gather their opinion about environmental actions and their level of involvment, on campus as well as in their life in general.

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  • Université Catholique de Lille launches 'Climate Year' initiative

    Université Catholique de Lille launches 'Climate Year' initiative

    The beginning of 2022 marked the launch of the #ClimateItIsTime campaign, the University's commitment to reinforce its fight against climate change.

    #ClimateItIsTime is an operation led by the students, employees, and institutes of the Université Catholique de Lille. A variety of climate related activities and programs can be found throughout the year.



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  • CLIMATE FRESK - 3 hours to engage with climate change


    You don’t have time to read the 2000 pages of the IPCC report?

    In 3 hours, the collaborative workshop “The Climate Fresk” allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action.

    Helping to push the world into transition  Only when everyone understands the current climate emergency will we be able to act at the scale necessary. For the last two years, the Climate Fresk has been creating an exponential wave of  realizations and commitment.

    The workshop For an inexperienced or trained audience, based on IPCC reports, the Climate Fresk is the reference collaborative workshop to collectively  understand the implications of climate change and trigger action.

    Where and when?

    🕐 Thursday 24 March / 2pm to 5pm

    📍 Vauban Co-working 41 boulevard Vauban – 59000 Lille, Nord, France

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