Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Program type
First Degree
Lifelong Learning
Admission mode
file + interview
Admission level
High School Diploma in Litterature
High School Diploma in Sciences
High School Diploma in Economics & Social Sciences
Theology - Religious studies
Religious studies
biblical exegesis
Histoire de l'Eglise
Teaching method
University Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
1152 h
6 semestres



The philosophy and religious studies program gives basic training in philosophy and social sciences. It allows the student to discover the various spiritual traditions from a rigorously scientific point of view which respects both the autonomy of the disciplines and the richness of the various traditions.


The discovery of different spiritual traditions.

Teaching officer
Sr Caroline RUNACHER

Careers in publishing, the media, communications, alongside a professional qualification.

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Bachelors's degree in philosophy and religious studies. This degree is specific to the Faculty of Theology and is designed according to the European System which allows for recognition of the course and the possibility of credit transfers towards another study program. The degree is acquired after successful validation of 12 modules of 96 hours, or 180 credits. A module is composed of 4 courses of 24 hours.


The Bachelor's degree comprises 3 modules of philosophy, a module of Social Sciences, 2 modules in History of Religion, 1 module in Ancient Languages, 1 module in modern languages, and supplementary courses in theology. The courses may be followed full-time or part-time, and credits may count towards other study programs.


Admission condition

Secondary School diploma or equivalent.

Admission modality

Pre-Registration: forms available online at
Registration forms are avalalble at the Secretary of the Faculty from June to September 15th.
Registration is finalized only after a preliminary interview with the head of Studies.

Annual cost

The fees are based on a 24 credit hours course schedule, and are calculated according to family income, between 144 € and 324 € /24 credit hours form academic year 2017-2018.

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