Pharmaceutical Representative

Program type
First Degree
Lifelong Learning
Admission mode
file + interview
selection tests
Admission level
High School Diploma in Litterature
Higher Education Programme (1 year)
Higher Education Programme (4 years)
Higher Education Programme (5 years)
High School Diploma in Sciences
High School Diploma in Economics & Social Sciences
Vocational High-School Diploma
Higher Education Programme (3 years)
Higher Education Programme (2 years)
Sciences - Industries
Business - Economics - Management
commercial sector
Paramedical and care
Teaching method
DU (Diplôme Universitaire)
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
0 h
1 semestre



A pharmaceutical representative is a sales technician whose job is to promote and sell pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products (family medication, cosmetics, herbal medicines and prosthetics) principally to dispensing pharmacists.
He is particularly in charge of orders for products and should therefore have real skill in negotiating with the pharmacist. Taking responsibility for a geographical area, he should have the same qualities as a medical visitor but above all a commercial temperament.


A programme emphasising the practical implications of the job.
The course runs for 5 months with 4 to 6 weeks internship. As for the course for medical visitors with which this course has a number of points in common, particularly in the scientific content, we have made the choice of timetabling and of quality for a small number of students (about fifteen).
Here again, periods of scientific and professional study alternate with internships.

Teaching officer
Vincent Ruckebusch

The pharmaceutical industry : the pharmaceutical representative sells health products, cosmetics and medical supplies to pharmacists, dental surgeons, veterinary surgeons, hypermarkets, etc...

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Pharmaceutical Representative Diploma awarded by Lille Catholic University.


A l'ICM, nous proposons une formation courte et professionnalisante alliant cours et stages pratiques. Outre les périodes de stages, les cours proposés (en petits groupes), se répartiront dans 3 catégories :

Enseignement scientifique et connaissances médicales
Enseignement professionnel


Admission condition

Students must have done at least one year of a Bachelors programme.

Admission modality

Application forms are available from January.
Selection is done with transcripts, general knowledge tests and an interview to assess motivation.

Annual cost

3 150€ (2020-2021)

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