State Diploma of Social Work

Program type
First Degree
Lifelong Learning
Admission mode
file + interview
Admission level
A levels
Animation - Social
Teaching method
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
3540 h
6 semestres



The examinations for the National Diploma consist of :
- Examination of a case-study file completed within the training school,
- Three examinations at a regional examination center,
- An examination on knowledge of social policy,
- Presentation of a paper on professional practice,
- Presentation of a preliminary research dissertation in the professional sphere.


The Social Institute of Lille offers several courses for those wishing to become social workers :
- A three-year, full-time course on the Lille campus or the Maubeuge campus.
- On a regular basis we welcome teachers and exchange students in the context of international agreements. Internships abroad are possible for students at the Institute.

Integration rate

90 % d'insertion professionnelle après l'obtention du DEASS (Diplôme d'Etat d'Assistant de Service Social) au bout de 4 à 6 mois environ et 62 % d'insertion immédiate

Teaching officer
Emilie DUVIVIER, Directrice des Etudes

The Social Worker is a qualified person working within the framework of a precise mission statement, specific to each task, in a support profession defined and regulated by law (Article L. 411-1 and following in the French Code de l’Action Sociale et des Familles) and in diverse institutions, places and spheres of activity (state-run hospitals, regionally financed posts, associations, companies and various other institutions.)
Decree of June 29, 2004, annexe I (excerpts).

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

The course prepares the student fro the State Diploma in Social Work.


The course to obtain the State Diploma in Social Work lasts three years, whether full, equivalent to 3530 hours.
This comprises 1750 hours of theory, 450 of which are devoted to practical applications, 12 months (1680 hours) of practical training, and 110 hours devoted to the interaction between the schools and internship locations.

1ere année
2eme année


Admission condition

For those without a high school diploma:
- An entrance examination for Social Work proving the candidate’s aptitude for study
- Selection based on interview

For those with a high school diploma or an equivalent delivered by a university
- Selection based on interview

Annual cost

Scolarité calculée en fonction des revenus imposables : de 810 € à 2250 € /an Étudiants boursiers (CROUS) : 570 € /an.

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