Master Journalisme Tous Médias

Program type
Apprenticeship Training
Part-time Training
Admission mode
file + interview
selection tests
Admission level
Bachelors Degree
Higher Education Programme (4 years)
Higher Education Programme (3 years)
Teaching method
Master's Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
1000 h
4 semestres



The IJTM is a unique and singular School of journalism, through its articulation between practice, technique and development of the critical spirit.

Through alternation, but also thanks to its situation at the heart of a media group, the IJTM is also and above all a professionalising school that provides the tools necessary for the exercise of constant journalism in the requirement, and anchored in the reality of a changing profession.

Teaching officer
Alain Cardinaux :
Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Master Arts, Lettres et Langues
Mention Création Numérique
Parcours Design informationnel et Journalisme transmédia

Diplôme en convention avec l'UPHF (Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France)


La formation se déroule en 2 ans : une semaine de formation / 2 semaines en entreprise en apprentissage ou stage alterné, puis en temps plein en entreprise à partir du mois de mai.

Le programme 2022-2023 est en cours de mise à jour et sera bientôt disponible.

Année 1 - Semestre 1
Année 1 - Semestre 2
Année 2 - Semestre 3


Admission condition

Students or employees who have validated a Bachelor's degree, BAC + 3 or 180 ECTS crédits.

Admission modality

Preset on backrest.
Then admission on written proofs (General culture and topical analysis) and maintenance.

Annual cost

€300 file fees
€7000 per school year
These training costs are taken care of in the framework of a professionalisation contract.

Informations non contractuelles et pouvant être soumises à modification