Licence Droit Economie Gestion - Parcours Comptabilité, Finance, Audit

Program type
First Degree
Admission mode
Admission level
High School Diploma in Litterature
High School Diploma in Economics & Social Sciences
High School Diploma in Sciences
Vocational High-School Diploma
Technical Degree (2 years)
Technical University Degree (2 years)
Business - Economics - Management
Accountancy / Finance / Auditing
Economics / Administration
Chartered accountancy
Teaching method
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
1694 h
6 semestres



The license provides you with a dual competency:
- Solid training in business management as part of the FGES management licence.
- ISEA expertise through the accounting/finance/audit and law/taxation divisions.


This course is a solid track, an open university course that does not confine you and a good preparation for a professional path in the professions of accounting, audit and corporate finance.

Integration rate

85% in License 1
90% in License 2
100% in License 3

Continuation of study

> Master Accounting-Control-Audit at ISEA in
alternance over 24 months
> Master of Management Control Organizational Audit,
ISEA Information Systems option in
altenance in Master 2
> Master in an area of the company:
management of the company, law and management of
wealth, bank, management control, audit, etc.
At the FGES, in another faculty, an IAE,
a business school, …

Teaching officer
Juliette Gadaud Lesgourgues

Favourable path to integrate accounting and audit firms, accounting and financial services of companies.

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Licence Droit Economie Gestion
Mention Economie et Gestion
Parcours Comptabilité, Finance, Audit

Diplôme en convention avec l'Université de Lille


The licentiate is done over 3 years after the baccalaureate with an internship of 4 to 6 weeks at the end of each year.


Admission condition

For License integration:
High school students preparing a General Baccalaureate
Specialty «Mathematics» in 1st strongly advised
Specialty «SES» advised in 1st and final
Recommended “Complementary Mathematics” option
in terminale
High school students preparing a Bac STMG Option Gestion-Finance

Admission modality

- Licence 1 : site internet parcours sup'
- Licences 2 : (onglet candidature)
- Licences 3 : (onglet candidature)

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