Bachelor in Economics and Finance

Program type
First Degree
Admission mode
file + interview
Admission level
High School Diploma in Litterature
Higher Education Programme (1 year)
2nd Year of Bachelor Program
High School Diploma in Sciences
High School Diploma in Economics & Social Sciences
Technical Degree (2 years)
General University Degree (2 years)
Technical University Degree (2 years)
Preparatory Classes
Business - Economics - Management
Banking / Insurance
Economics / Administration
Marketing / Sales
Teaching method
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
Hourly volume
1514 h
6 semestres



Prepares students for a Masters specialising in finance, banking, administration,management, international management, OR higher business and administration schools.


- Possibility of a Year Abroad program in third year,
- Internship each year,
- Intensive English classes.

Continuation of study

Masters of the FGES:
Master of Corporate Finance and Markets, Master of Corporate Management (Management or Business Creation options), Master of International Corporate Management, Master of Management of Banks and Financial Institutions
Other Masters
Business Schools

Teaching officer

Management, project management, management auditing, finance, auditing, marketing, communication, setting up companies, import-export...

Diplôme préparé et conditions d'obtention du diplôme

Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management with specialisation in Economics and Management.
This diploma is offered in conjunction with the state University of Lille


Studies are taken over 6 semesters.

Licence 1 Economie Finance option santé , 2023-2024, S1
Licence 3 Economie Finance, 2023-2024, S6
Licence 2 Economie Finance option santé , 2023-2024, S4
Licence 2 Economie Finance option santé , 2023-2024, S3
Licence 1 Economie Finance option santé , 2023-2024, S2
Licence 2 Economie Finance, 2023-2024, S4
Licence 1 Economie Finance, 2023-2024, S1
Licence 1 Economie Finance, 2023-2024, S2
Licence 3 Economie Finance, 2023-2024, S5


Admission condition

For an integration
in Licence 1:
High school students preparing a General Baccalaureate
Highly recommended 1st mathematics speciality - «SES» speciality recommended 1st and
terminale – Optional “Complementary Mathematics” recommended in terminale
For License 2 or 3 integration:
Students in L1 or L2 Economics, Management (or equivalent degrees)

Admission modality

Application can be down on
- Parours Sup
More information :

Annual cost

- Application fee: 85€
- Degree course : between 5035 € and 8535€

For information about grants and financial aid or any questions relating to registration, consult the website

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