LILLE European Summer Program

Academic Program

Create your own program!

 As of today, ESP2021 is planned in-person and online!  Register for our traditional in-person ESP (12 ECTS credits) or choose to follow one elective online (6 ECTS credits).  Both programs will include a mix of cultural events and field trips (in-person when possible and virtual for those attending online).

The latest university information on the COVID-19 situation is available here (link to COVID-19 page)


MORNING ELECTIVES (in-person only)

Include a 9-hour module of Intercultural Communication in French or in English.

Elective Contact hours Language ESP1 ESP2
French Language and Culture* 51 French X In-person only
Project Management for Everyone 48 English X In-person only

*An initial placement activity will sort students from beginner to advanced.

AFTERNOON ELECTIVES (39 contact hours)

    Business & Communication
    Elective ESP1 ESP2
    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development x In-person and online
    Corporate Culture, Human Resources and Innovation x In-person and online
    International Teamwork and Communication x In-person and online
    International Marketing x In-person and online
    Political Science & Law
    Sustainability and the Sciences
    Health Studies
    Taught in French
    Elective ESP1 ESP2
    Communication française (minimum A2+) x In-person only or online only
    La France et son cinéma (minimum B2+) x x

    Engineering studentsStudy outside of the classroom !

    Most courses include one or more off-campus site visits, allowing students to experience the "real world" implications and applications of their course material.

    In addition, the LILLE European Summer Program cultural program, which includes a variety of exciting field trips at no additional cost (not to mention the various optional trips on offer), also plays an important role in the overall academic curriculum.