Teacher Training For Primary And High Schools

Code Cours
Language of instruction
French, English


Allow students to develop their professional aim of becoming teachers while confronting existing realities.
Student Environment and Learning
o Finalities, Observation Objects and Limits
o Profile Diversity and Learning Strategies
o Motivation in Learning
Teacher Environment and Learning
o The Missions of Teachers
o The Student’s Place in Teaching
o Differences in Education
o Authority Relations
o Assessment in Teaching
o Learning Establishments

Teaching Techniques
o Primary Theoretic Didactic Elements
o Disciplinary Specificities
o Awareness of Realities of Class Techniques
o Analysis of Teaching Situations


Forms of instruction
Year-long classes; must be taken over the course of the years.

A contribution of 90 Euros is asked of the Students who would like to take this course.The first year of pre-professionalism is a route which requires:
- Accompanies time is small groups
- Observation time in a learning establishment
It is completed by workshops and conferences that take place at the end of the course.

Second Year Internship:
3 half-days in schools + 3 half-days in a middle school or high school.
+ 3 half days in an associative or specialized environment.

Third Year Internship: One week in a middle school or high school.