Theatrical Improvisation

Code Cours
Language of instruction
French, English
Training officer(s)
Maxime Gaudefroy


You must be present for all class sessions.
Have a desire to have fun and to try out a new adventure where the only material is you.
Be disciplined, strict and… creative. It’s a paradox that is the salt of theatre!
Wear relaxed clothing and arrive on time to each class (no skirts, dresses, high heels).
It is possible for comedians to bring a few articles to build up their character for the last class (They must be approved, but it’s up to the discretion of each person).
The objective is for each student to develop his/her own personality through the pleasure of performing. Throw off limits, dare to take risks, discover your creative potential, surprise yourself, exaggerate, ask yourself questions, develop a critical mind, challenge yourself…while always respecting others. We will offer plays, exercises, improvisation, texts, alone or with others.
Through theatrical techniques and improvisation, students will discover essential concepts which will permit them to create their own character with their own universe, through a classic or contemporary scene.
The end of the unit will take us toward an enactment.
Together we will work on:
-Self Confidence
-Listening to yourself and others
-Body Language
- Space
- Emotions
- Credibility


Contrôle continu : coeff. 1