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Alternative Marketing



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Academic responsibilityA.VAN LANCKER

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Lecture plan

Introduction: Alternative Marketing basics & their contribution to the organisation and its strategy

Part 1: Alternative Marketing – State of the forces.
1/ Why it was born: from “interruption marketing” to “permission marketing.”
2/ Definition & etymology: breakthrough marketing, or how to appeal to customers in a different way. -> From B2C to BwC (brand advocates).
3/ A cross-disciplinary approach (communication, marketing, art, events, new technologies).
4/ Current market landscape: fad or phenomenon? (economic and sociological dimension).
5/ Strengths and attractive traits of alternative marketing (one-to-one, participative, the 4 Es).

Part 2: Outline of the discipline – Mustering the troops.
1/ An orchestrated, resolute purpose: marketing and communication’s family influence.
2/ Creativity, mother of all virtues: vital tools online & in the street (social networks, blogging, street & ambient marketing).
3/ Spreading to the source: from below-the-line to above-the-line, endgame: going viral.
4/ Cross-media marketing: how to use raw materials.

Part 3: Plan of attack – how to incorporate Alternative Marketing into the organisation’s strategy?
1/ Funnel effect.
2/ The key question of a marketing/communication plan.
3/ Golden rules for an effective strategy:
- Defining tactics based on goals (fame, brand image, website traffic, product launch, customer loyalty).
- Defining methodology based on resources (budget & time).
- Finding opinion leaders who can relay the buzz.
- Turning targets into media: magnifying the social approach.
- Taking full advantage of word-of-mouth effect: from teaser to revelation.
- Favouring multichannel approach: making sure that the buzz goes on and bears fruit.
- Encroaching on the offline territory: PR’s role in a successful operation.
4/ Alternative Marketing Mix

Part 4: Alternative Marketing tools – the weapons at your disposal to launch a field strategy
1/ Glossary of the weapons at your disposal: find your bearings.
2/ Adapting calibre to the target (approach, distinction, development, supporting field research)
-Buzz Marketing, Street Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Viral Marketing, Ambush Marketing, Ambient Marketing, Alternative Marketing, Digital PR, Social Media, Mobile, Advertainement, 360 Marketing, Stealth Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Urban Art, Direct Marketing, etc.

Part 5: Limitations of the system – Covering your rear.
1/ So far only blitz operations?
2/ Kids will be kids: a young, constantly evolving discipline
3/ Is marketing becoming too participative? Where does consumer commitment stop?

Class type

Class structure

Throughout the class sessions, the theory and methodology are illustrated with real-life case studies from agency experience.

Type of courseNumbers of hoursComments
Face to face
18,00   cours et TD sous forme d'ateliers et de cours magistraux.
Independent study
Travail personnel indicatif36,00  
Total student workload54,00  

Teaching methods

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Presentation
  • Case study
  • Sharing experiences


Multiple-choice test
Multiple-choice questions based on the key elements of the class and the experiences shared during the seminar.

Home assignment In groups. Drawing up a client brief for a fictional agency tasked with offering alternative solutions.

Oral presentation In groups. Presenting and defending the recommendations / creative concepts before a jury.

Type of controlDurationNumberPercentage break-down
Continuous assessment
Examen : QCM1,00130,00
Soutenance par groupe0,30150,00
TOTAL     100,00

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