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Final Dissertation & Oral Defence



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Academic responsibilityN.VAILLANT


- Reading and understanding skills in the language(s) of the exploited resources.
- Following formal writing norms.
- Writing a document complying with the usual French grammar and spelling rules.
- Complying with deadlines when turning in assignments for each stage.
- Maintaining a regular contact with your dissertation supervisor (tutor).
- Exploiting local resources (university library, etc.) and remote resources (other libraries).
- Speaking in public following specific instructions (length and style of the presentation).
- Creating a visual sum-up presentation (computer tools such as PowerPoint).

Learning outcomes

- Integrating reflection into an overall context (social, intellectual, professional).
- Identifying and formulating a relevant question, considering this context.
- Specifying and formulating a research question.
- Developing and presenting a consistent argumentation, clearly and precisely.
- Developing this argumentation in a fluent, intelligible, accurate style.
- Formulating and presenting a number of results / conclusions within a text.
- Offering possible answers to the initial question.
- Replacing the work in its original overall context.
- Summarising the dissertation orally and defending it in public.

This course develops the following professional skills:
- Understanding, analysing and interpreting one’s environment (general knowledge), including the global context.
- Designing and presenting a through-the-line communication strategy: drawing it up, presenting and defending it (being able to justify the choices made).
- Applying “principles” to every action: diligence, autonomy, interdisciplinarity, innovation, inventiveness.
- Being able to lead a team and manage projects from start to finish, including in an international context.

Course description

- Research methodology.
- Question presentation.
- Dissertation methodology.
- Oral defence methodology.
- Work schedule.

Follow-up through a mentoring system with regular appointments.

Class type

Class structure

Type of courseNumbers of hoursComments
Face to face
Independent study
Travail personnel indicatif164,00  
Total student workload170,00  

Teaching methods

  • Lecture
  • Presentation
  • documents analysis
  • Problem- based learning
  • Sharing experiences
  • Tutorial


Students write a final dissertation and defend it orally (overall length 45 minutes).

* This information is non-binding and can be subject to change
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