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IESEG School of Management ( IÉSEG )

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Professeur(s) responsable(s)F.GOETHALS
Intervenant(s)F.GOETHALS, A.Savoli

Pré requis

Have knowledge of IT systems (such as a good understanding of database systems and client-server architectures) and research methods.

Objectifs du cours

Managers have to take important strategic decisions on the basis of observations. After this class, students should be able to observe the reality correctly, to analyse their observations and to make valid decisions on the basis of their analysis. Therefore, students have to work rigorously.
Students should also know a number of important Information System theories that apply to companies, such as the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and Protection Motivation Theory (PMT).

Students should have greater awareness about ethics and social responsibility issues in the IS domain. Specifically, students will be required to conduct interviews (and make observations) in companies, related to ethics and social responsibility in the IS domain. (In previous years, these concerned the use of 3rd party trackers on websites, and automation leading to lay offs.)

Contenu du cours

First, students will get a list of theories that are important to managers and each student will have to pick one theory that seems interesting to him/her. Next, the student will have to study and clearly explain that theory to the fellow students and together we discuss what new applications are thinkable of the theory.
Next all students together choose a topic that will be investigated in more detail in this class. A research question will be put forward and students will have to develop an interview protocol to interview people in companies. Next, students do the interviews, transcribe the interviews and analyze the interviews (using NVivo software), in order to come up with a good answer to the research question.
During this class, students will also get presentations of the IT landscape in specific companies. For instance, the CIO of IESEG will present the IT department and the IT systems that are used at IESEG.
Students will also play the TopConsulting Game.

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

TypeNombre d'heuresRemarques
Face to face
Interactive class26,00  
Independent study
Estimated personal workload4,00  
Group Project30,00  
Independent work
External teaching source
Charge de travail globale de l'étudiant100,00  

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Presentation
  • E-learning
  • Research
  • Visits/fields trips
  • Project work
  • Interactive class
  • Case study
  • Coaching


Grades are given on diverse presentations (e.g. concerning existing IS theories, a literature review, NVivo usage, results of the study,…). Grades are also given for the quality of the interview protocol that was developed, the quality of the interviews that were conducted and for the final report.

Type de ContrôleDuréeNombrePondération
Continuous assessment
Oral presentation0,00435,00
Group Project0,00110,00
Written Report0,00145,00
TOTAL     100,00

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