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IESEG School of Management ( IÉSEG )

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Niveau Année de formation Période Langue d'enseignement 
MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM1S1English
Professeur(s) responsable(s)G.LOBLEIN

Pré requis

NO PREREQUISITES : The students can surf the web and take information on CRM

Objectifs du cours

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
- understand the basics of tHe CRM and the importance of customer services for the companies, the stakes and the pursued objectives.
- know/appreciate which are the ways(means) to implement/set up crm to assure/get a satisfactory follow-up/fulfilment of the customer relationship.
- present the various types/ channels of customer services and the way to activate
- decline customer expectations and the evolution of their behavior
- take into account the development of digital channels for CRM
- appreciate the means/ways/channels in order to answer the complaints, get satisfaction, loyalty and increase of the ARPU
- understant the importance of business organization and processes

Contenu du cours

? CRM : What are we talking about ?
? Clients’ expectations and Evolution
? Clients’ behaviors and Evolution
? Are the clients satisfied ? How to measure satisfaction ?
? Why would the Business satisfy the clients ? Complaint management and optimization

? Organization and CRM
? Multichannel Revolution

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

TypeNombre d'heuresRemarques
Face to face
Interactive class16,00  
Independent study
Group Project15,00  
Estimated personal workload10,00  
Independent work
External teaching source
Charge de travail globale de l'étudiant50,00  

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Presentation
  • Research
  • Project work
  • Interactive class
  • Case study
  • Coaching


Type de ContrôleDuréeNombrePondération
Continuous assessment
Oral presentation0,50030,00
Final Exam
Written exam2,00150,00
TOTAL     100,00


  • NEDERLOF A. – ANTON J. Customer Obsession – Your Roadmap To Profitable CRM. The Anton Press ISBN 0-9719652-0-X -

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