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IESEG School of Management ( IÉSEG )

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Professeur(s) responsable(s)P.DAGUET

Pré requis

? Students should have a global understanding of finance and its fundamentals
? Modelling skills should be basics to advanced
? Corporate finance knowledge is a plus

Objectifs du cours

1. Acquire Fundamental skills in Project Finance.
2. Convince and argue when fund raising.
3. Develop multi-tasking skills from structuring to modeling to oral presentation.

Contenu du cours

This course fully delivered online has an innovative concept as it allows participants to go through their project funding enjoying games and challenges throughout the journey.

Gamification brings to the course an added value as it contextualizes and engages participants into the process. As you know, gamification is a new concept bringing game mechanics as level, badge, challenge, points into a non-game context.


The course will address the rationale for infrastructure finance and its fundamental building blocks and examine project risks, risk mitigation strategies, financing options, and structuring aspects. It will also address cash-flow modeling concepts for Project Finance but will not engage in the mechanics of modeling techniques.

After a quick appraisal of the rules of the game, each student will be assigned a project (whose sector and geography will be his/her choice).

The student will then structure his project, model the charges and the revenue base, identify and manage the risks. Student’s ultimate goal will be to convince lenders to finance his/her project.

Instruction will be a mixture of online content (once per level) and review and study of materials available on IESEG Online dedicated space.

Material will include:

- Short videos, pdf, xls and ppt documents on various project finance aspects.
- HBR case studies, spanning over a variety of project types and geography;
- Interviews from project finance professionals
- Toolbox for certain aspects of the course

Live sessions will allow to discuss and review these case studies and bring forward debate.

Patrick Daguet will coach you throughout the MOOC, including, inter alia, through live sessions, grading and advisory.

The MOOC comprises 9 levels. The level 8 is the level of the final case study.

Jury will be made up of academics, peers and professionals.

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

Méthodes pédagogiques


    There are different types of challenge: M.C.Q. that are automatically corrected by IÉSEG-Online and deliverables that are graded by your coach Patrick DAGUET.


    Each student participating to the MOOC will have the opportunity to obtain badges corresponding to the satisfactory completion of specific levels. Overall, a student reaching a global score (incl. quiz, personal and common case) in excess of 60% will be awarded the MOOC Certificate.

    To validate the elective course, the student should reach and complete the level 9 at the satisfaction of the graders (meaning score of 50% min. and level 9 reached).

    All the participants who reach the level 9 will receive:
    ? A statement of accomplishment if he/she gets between 60 and 80 points.
    ? A certificate of achievement if he/she gets more than 80 points.

    The five first students of the leaderboard will receive additional rewards related to their professional career.

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