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IESEG School of Management ( IÉSEG )

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Professeur(s) responsable(s)C.COURSARIS
Intervenant(s)Constantinos COURSARIS

Pré requis

No prior knowledge is required, but the following skills are critical in the successful completion of the course:
- Basic understanding of HTML or other programming languages
- Critical thinking
- High work ethic
- Ability to pursue independent work
- Time management
- Prepared and punctual class attendance
- Professional conduct during class sessions

Objectifs du cours

At the end of the course the student should be able to :
perform a preliminary assessment of the usability of various information systems interfaces and particularly that of websites. In addition, students will gain hands-on experience with the development of static websites working both directly from source code and through a WYSIWYG editor, here, Wordpress and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Contenu du cours

This course focuses on the dynamics of HCI. It provides a general overview of the domain and explores in more depth its sub-area of usability and web design. Areas covered include user interface design strategies, gathering requirements, and website development. Brief tutorials will be given on developing websites in Wordpress (interactive) and Adobe Dreamweaver (demonstration only). The following topics will be covered:
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
- Chapter 1: Introducing User Interface - Design Requirements
- Chapter 2: How to gather requirements
- Chapter 3: Finding out about the users and the domain
- Chapter 4: Finding out about the tasks and work
- Chapter 5: Requirements gathering: Knowledge of user interface design
- Chapter 6: Thinking about requirements and describing them - Design
- Chapter 13: Choosing interaction elements: software components
- Chapter 17: Designing for the Web - Production
- Wordpress & Dreamweaver tutorials (brief)

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

TypeNombre d'heuresRemarques
Independent study
Group Project18,00   Individual project
Face to face
Interactive class6,00  
Independent work
Charge de travail globale de l'étudiant50,00  

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • E-learning
  • Project work
  • Interactive class


In-class participation, project (development of a website), case study and final exam

Type de ContrôleDuréeNombrePondération
Continuous assessment
Final Exam
Individual Project0,00140,00
Written Report2,00110,00
TOTAL     100,00


  • User Interface Design and Evaluation, , March 22, 2005, ISBN 0120884364. - Coursepack based on the book by Stone, D., Jarrett, C., Woodroffe, M., and Minocha, S Morgan Kaufmann -

Ressources internet

  • Facebook

    Course documents will be hosted on a closed Facebook Group that students will be advised to visit.

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