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IESEG School of Management ( IÉSEG )

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Niveau Année de formation Période Langue d'enseignement 
Professeur(s) responsable(s)E.DELLA TORRE
Intervenant(s)Edoardo DELLA TORRE

Pré requis

Students should have at least basic knowledge of the key concept of strategic management and human resource management.

Objectifs du cours

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
- Comprehend the different aims and the complexity of contemporary compensation systems
- Analyse a compensation systems in relationship to firm strategy and performance
- Identify the different forms of pay
- Identify the main challenges ineherent in setting up and managing a strategic compensation plan
- Outline the main theories in relationship to compensation
- Evaluate the pros and cons of the high performance pay policies

Contenu du cours

PART ONE - Strategic Compensation as a Component of HR Systems: compensation and performance, compensation professionals' goal, stakeholders of the compensation system - Strategic Compensation in Action: strategic analysis, contextual factors

PART TWO: Forms of Pay: seniotity pay, merit pay, incentive pay, person-focused pay, employee benetifs; Theories about compensation: equity, agency, tournament, expectancy.

PART THREE: Designing Strategic Compensation Systems: building internally consistent compensation systems, building market-competitive compensation systems, building pay structures that recognize employee contributions

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

TypeNombre d'heuresRemarques
Face to face
Interactive class16,00  
Independent work
Independent study
Group Project16,00  
Charge de travail globale de l'étudiant36,00  

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Presentation
  • E-learning
  • Project work
  • Interactive class


Class Participation (individual), Case analysis and presentation (Group), Final Exam (individual)

Type de ContrôleDuréeNombrePondération
Continuous assessment
Final Exam
Written exam1,50140,00
TOTAL     100,00


  • Trevor, C.O., Reilly, G., and Gerhart, B. (2012). ‘Reconsidering Pay Dispersion's Effect on the Performance of Interdependent Work: Reconciling Sorting and Pay Inequality’ Academy of Management Journal, 55: 3, 585-610 -

  • Gerhart, B., Rynes, S.L. and Fulmer, I.S. (2009). ‘Pay and performance: individuals, groups, executives’ Academy of Management Annals, 3: 1, 251-315 -

  • Wright, P., Dunford, B. and Snell, S. (2001) Human Resources and the Resource Based View of the Firm, Journal of Management, 27(6), pp 701-721 -

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