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IESEG School of Management ( IÉSEG )

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International MBA1S2English
Professeur(s) responsable(s)N.PAPAROIDAMIS

Pré requis

The students should be familiar with the following areas/concepts: principles of marketing, marketing communication mix, marketing strategy

Objectifs du cours

1. Become familiar with the primary role of sales in organizations.
2. Understand sales information systems and sales research.
3. Recognize the interactions of consumer markets and buyer behaviour
4. Appreciate the role of competitors in the sales process.
5. Develop an awareness of selecting and managing sales channels.
6. Distinguish among various methods of selling and managing the sales force.

Contenu du cours

1. Analyzing sales risks and opportunities.
2. Managing the sales process.
3. Researching, selecting and successfully retaining target markets.
4. Designing sales strategies.
5. Understanding life cycle sales management.
6. Planning sales programs
7. Managing the sales force.
8. Organizing and implementing sales programs.

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

TypeNombre d'heuresRemarques
Face to face
Independent study
Group Project10,00   Group project : HBS Case study presentation preparation
Independent work
Reference manual 's readings12,00  
Charge de travail globale de l'étudiant50,00  

Méthodes pédagogiques

  • Presentation
  • Research
  • Case study
  • Coaching


The assignment must be typed – 5,000 words maximum (excluding diagrams, references, etc) font size 12, Times New Roman, 1½ spacing, fully justified, properly referenced (if appropriate) and with the relevant cover sheet.

You are required to select an organisation and write a ‘selling proposition’ for one of its products/services. Please focus on only one product/service offering. It does not have to be an organisation that employs one of your group members although this is likely to make the task somewhat easier.

The final project provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts covered in the course. Your responses should be complete and to the point.

The project is designed to bring together your understanding of the sales management discipline and provide arguments which support your views of what you consider important and why. In addition to the lecture programme, also consider arguments from leading academic journals which promote your views.

Your task is to:

1. Review and summarize the content of your project (20%);
2. Understand the relevant key themes of the project and ‘critically’ evaluate the contribution of your ideas to the area of knowledge discussed (40%);
3. Compare and contrast your arguments raised with other relevant contributions in the field (20%); and,
4. Summarize the potential future managerial or theoretical / practical developments of your view(s) (10%).

Type de ContrôleDuréeNombrePondération
Continuous assessment
Group Project10,00190,00
TOTAL     100,00


  • Tanner, Honeycutt and Erffmeyer (2014), Sales Management: shaping future sales leaders, First Edition, Pearson. -

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