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Faculté des Lettres & Sciences Humaines ( FLSH )

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Professeur(s) responsable(s)Shane Griffin
Intervenant(s)Pas d'autre intervenant

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Contenu du cours

Course description:

Students should be comfortable using English at C1 level. This course will focus on improving conversation skills, including pronunciation, and intonation with respect to communicating nuance. Vocabulary use and understanding varied Anglophone accents will be studied weekly. Writing and reading skills in the field of geopolitics, global affairs and international politics will also be covered.

Course objectives:

This course should allow students to feel comfortable debating and using written English in a variety of fields concerning International Relations.

Teaching method:

This course will include a variety of methodology including presentations, lectures, listening comprehension, writing assignments which analyze primary and secondary sources. An integral part of this course will also include student presentations and student discussions on varied interdisciplinary areas regarding theory, analysis and cultural interpretation. It is therefore essential for students to participate to classroom discussions. This entails reading before class, thinking critically about what was read and about the topics to be discussed.

Grading policy:

Students’ grades will be based on participation 20%, Mid-Term exam 40% and a Final exam 40%.

Course outline:

Bibliographical elements:

Articles and reading materials will be distributed in class. Students should, however, listen to or read the following on a regular basis:

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