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Comparative Tort Law


Faculté de Droit ( FLD )

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Professeur(s) responsable(s)PIETER DE TAVERNIER
Intervenant(s)Pas d'autre intervenant

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  • Faculté de Droit Lille - Licence 3 Européenne de Droit - S5 - 3 ECTS

Pré requis

The student must remember the basis they learnt in 1st year during the course “Great principles of English law”.

Objectifs du cours

Discovering the Tort Law and going further in its study, reminding what the student learnt in 1st year (it was a part of “Great principles of English law"), studying a foreign branch of law.
At the end of the course, the student should be able to solve cases on English Tort Law

Contenu du cours

o Introduction to Tort Law and to the Tort of Negligence

The duty of care

Types of damages

Breach of duty and limiting liability for negligence – causation and remoteness

o Tort of defamation

Specific defences for defamation

General defences


Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

Study of case law to see how this law is implemented in practice. The courses and presentations of each subject rely on Powerpoint presentations. The slides are then sent to the students so they can use them to study for the exam

Méthodes pédagogiques


    Examen : coeff. 1


    • Horsey, K. and Rackley, E,. The Law of Tort, Oxford, 4th Edition (2015)||
      Horsey, K. and Rackley, E., Kinder’s case book, Oxford, 13th Edition, (2015)||
      Lunney, M. and Oliphant, K., Tort Law – Texts, Cases 4th Ed. Oxford University Press, (2010)||
      Fordham, Saving us from ourselves – the duty of care in negligence to prevent self – inflicted harm (210) 18 Torts Law Journal 22||
      McBride, Duties of care – do they really exist? (2004) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 417||
      Nolan, The liability of public authorities for failure to confer benefits (2011) 127 Law Quarterly Review 260

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