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General principles of British Law-Principes généraux du droit britannique L1 S2


Faculté de Droit ( FLD )

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Professeur(s) responsable(s)Michael Ottley
Intervenant(s)Pas d'autre intervenant

    Ce cours apparaît dans les formations suivantes :
  • Faculté de Droit Lille - Licence 1 Européenne de Droit - S2 - 2 ECTS

Pré requis

Ability to work in English

Knowledge of basic French Law to be ablse to compare it with English Law

Objectifs du cours

Discovering and Comparing the English legal system to the French one

Being able to lead a Legal Reasoning following the rules of a foreign law

At the end of the course, the student shouble be able to:

Understand the basic functioning of English law

Spot the differences between French and English legal system

Contenu du cours

o The English Legal System:

Types of Law




Common law mainly


Court Structure

Legal Profession

o Contract law:

Formation, Terms and Remedies

Contracts for goods and contracts for services : differences

Exclusion clauses

Are they allowed?


Exclusion and Exemption Clauses

o Law of Tort: Negligence


When is it recognized?



o Liability:




o Introduction of Company and Employment law

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

Deals with a foreign law

Exercises at the end of each session: students can get trained and discover a foreign legal reasoning (Most of time: practical case to resolve)

The courses and presentations of each subject rely on Powerpoint presentations. The slides are then sent to the students so they can use them to study for the exam

Méthodes pédagogiques


    Examen : coeff. 1


    • MacIntyre: Essentials of Business Law (Pearson)||
      Rush & Ottley: Business Law (Cengage)||
      Frederick Pollock: Principles of contract : a treatise on the general principles concerning the validity of agreements in the law of England||
      Rachael Mulheron :Principles of Tort Law

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