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European integration Tutorials L1 S2


Faculté de Droit ( FLD )

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  • Faculté de Droit Lille - Licence 1 Européenne de Droit - S2 - 5 ECTS

Pré requis

Ability to work in English

Objectifs du cours

Presenting the EU, its objectives, organisation and way of working

Showing the evolution of the EU

Studying the issues met by the EU

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

Understanding better the European Union and its challenges

Contenu du cours

o Multilingualism: A first step for a European culture?

o European History: Is Europe a so new idea?

o The European treaties from Rome to Lisbon, over 50 years of construction

o Enlargement of the EU: Who’s the next?

o Economic crisis: What can the EU do?

o Human rights & protection of the minorities

o Populism in Europe: A common phenomenon in the EU?

o Europe of the regions: a paradox?

o Environment: a positive action of the EU

o External action of the EU: who represents the EU for which objectives?

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

The students have to form working groups in order to tackle a specific topic about the EU, starting from one of the general chapter above. They are asked to write a paper between 20 and 30 pages, following a defined proceeding and then, to make a presentation in front of the class to introduce their subject.

The courses and presentations of each subject rely on Powerpoint presentations. The slides are then sent to the students so they can use them to study for the exam


The final grade will be composed of the grade of the final exam and the one of the writing paper and presentation done by the students:

Oral presentation counting for 30%

2 hour-long written final exam counting for 70% of the final exam.

Méthodes pédagogiques



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      Damian CHALMERS, Gareth DAVIES, Giorgio MONTI, European Union Law: Cases and Materials, Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed., 2010, 1150 p.||
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      Jacques ZILLER (dir.), L’Union européenne, Edition Traité de Lisbonne, La Documentation française, Les notices, 2008, 215 p

    Ressources internet

    • Consolidated versions of the Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (OJ C115, 9.5.2008) :

      European Council:

      European Commission:

      European Parliament:

      Committee of the regions:

      Court of Justice of the European Union:

      Law of the European Union:

      European Navigator:

      News of the EU institutions:

      The euros:

      EU Observer:

      The European Union Times:

      Blog of Charlemagne (The Economist):

      Blog of Jean QUATREMER:

      Assemblée nationale, Commission des affaires européennes:

      Sénat, Commission des affaires européennes:

      Tout l’



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