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International negotiation


Les Masters du Rizomm - FGES ( RIZOMM )

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Année 2Anglais
Professeur(s) responsable(s)Nicholas Lawrence
Intervenant(s)Pas d'autre intervenant

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  • Faculté de Gestion, Economie & Sciences - Masters du Rizomm - Master 2 Finance d'Entreprise et des Marchés - Année 2 - 2 ECTS

Pré requis

Good general knowledge of business, commerce and management concepts. Level of English - B2 minimum. Intermediate facility with business mathematics and accounting. Intermediate skills in Word and Excel.

Objectifs du cours

The aims of the course include:

· Developing an understanding the basic techniques of negotiation including the concept and planning of ‘negotiating ranges’, trading ‘concessions for another ‘concession’.

· Developing an understanding some elementary aspects of game theory to improve strategy in commercial negotiations.

· Creating ,constructing and presenting ‘ proposals’ in different commercial situations with appropriate nuances of English including the use of proposals in questions to determine the ranges of the negotiating counter-party. (In particular – use of conditional grammar forms;)

· Developing ‘bargaining’ skills with combinations of elements to close a negotiation – including the appropriately nuanced English to make ‘offers’ which can be ‘accepted’ thereby creating an agreement/contract. (In particular – use of conditional grammar forms;)

· Encouraging students to work as a team and exploit the individual roles of ‘actors’.

· Improve techniques of ‘summarising’ with paraphrases as a tool for progressing the negotiation.

· Actions post-agreement – confirmations in writing and use of contracts.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

· Prepare for and research a forthcoming negotiation for a number of scenarios with appropriate documentation.

· Be an effective team member or business representative

· Be able to explain the negotiating plan to a superior or colleague and realise its execution.

· Negotiate and close a deal.

· Initiate and undertake the relevant subsequent actions to bring the results of the negotiation into effect or transfer the project to another function for action (e.g. purchasing department or legal department)

· Use correctly nuanced English for different stages in the process – Opening statement, making proposals, making offers, closing and finalising.

Contenu du cours


Cumlative Hours

Class 1 – What is negotiation? Basic concepts, BATNA,, alternatives to negotiations, categories of negotiation – concepts of positions and concessions. Basic English for Negotiations

Class 2 – Role Play 1 – Second-hand car: each student to both sell and purchase a car to understand the concepts of negotiation ranges, planning of opening positions, use of concessions as a negotiating tool.

Class 3 – English for and preparation of opening statements. Preparation for Case Study including SWOT analyses, building a Table of Tradables and planning opening positions

Class 4 – Role Play 2 – Case study (Goldstream v Etoile Aviation). Joint venture between US and European aircraft manufacturers.

Class 5 – Elements of game theory and decision theory. Concepts of priorities and values. English for Proposals, use of Conditionals, English for Offers Preparation for Case Study .

Class 6 – Role Play 3 – Case Study (Sansung v Scandinavian Sporting Goods) Creating an agency agreement including Incoterms and legal contract

Class 7 – Role Play 4 – Case Study (Acme Water Pumps v Nigerian Government) creation of different forms of value such as profitable subsidiaries, co-ownership benefits, use of contributed assets, Value of Money Concepts in ‘not for profit’ organisations.

Class 8 – Role Play 5 – Salary Negotiation or Case Study (Mexican Auto Workers Union v American Auto Corporation) Union negotiations, Negotiators in proxy role with no guarantee of delivery

Class 9 – Role Play 6 – Case Study (Bertoni v Hydra Tech) Sales contract

Class 10 – Role Play 7 – Zanir Government v Abentauer Urlaub GmbH) - Provision of facilities for economic and social development - Construction of resort in undeveloped country;

Class 11 – Role Play 8 - Salary Negotiations

Class 12 – Role Play 9 – Practice One-to-One Negotiations

Exam Oral One-to-One and/or Written – One hour

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

Lectures / seminars and case studies

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